Giveaway Updates

Besides our June giveaways of an autographed copy of I Will Not Be Silent, Eclipse Tees, and CSN $60.00 Promo Giveaway, there are some great giveaways going on right now.  Here are a few we've got our fingers crossed for.  (Click the blog name for the sign-up link):

  • Copies of Jennifer Sturman's books:  And Then Everything Unraveled and And Then I Found Out The Truth from the YA Addict. 

  • Dark Faerie Tales has seven different books she's giving away on her site right now.   

  • Book Faery has links to 36 different giveaways, and her own contest button. 

  • Book Faery is also having a month-long daily giveaway from August 1st to August 31st.  Sign up closes August 1st so sign up now!  PS: The sign up form is really fun...go there and you'll see what we mean.

  • And last, but not least, our friend Michael over at The Subtle Chronicler is having a "Book of Your Choice" giveaway.  Sign-up ends July 28th.  Very cool giveaway, Michael!

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