Book Review: Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

Seventeen-year-old Louisa Cosgrove longs to break free from her respectable life as a Victorian doctor's daughter. But her dreams become a nightmare when Louisa is sent to Wildthorn Hall: labeled a lunatic, deprived of her liberty and even her real name. As she unravels the betrayals that led to her incarceration, she realizes there are many kinds of prison. She must be honest with herself - and others - in order to be set free. And love may be the key...

Release Date:  September 6, 2010
Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Age Group:  Young Adult
Pages:  358

This was a very good read.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it---I'm so into the paranormal genre right now that I think I can be a little hard on non-paranormal books.  The story switches from the present day (Louisa in the asylum) and flashbacks (Louisa in her childhood up to the present day).  I don't usually like books with lots of flashbacks like that but it really worked here.

Jane Eagland has written a story that addresses many different themes: coming of age, breaking free of society's expectations, finding yourself, finding love, familial relationships, and jealousy.  There are a couple of nice plot twists which kept the story interesting.  I felt so badly for Louisa---it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong for her.  I want to say more here but won't because I don't want to spoil the story.  Let me just say that Wildthorn was thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining, and compelling.  I couldn't stop until I finished this one---I cared about Louisa that much!

Just One Gripe:
The writing felt a little simple at times.

The Best Thing About This Book:
The twist on the usual YA plot.

Appropriate for a younger audience:

Characters:  4/5
Plot:  4/5
Setting/Imagery:  3/5
Originality:  4/5
Ending:  5/5
Total Score:  20/25

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an impartial review.


  1. The first thing I love about this book is the cover!

  2. i really enjoyed this book to great review!

  3. Thank you all! The cover is divine, I think I'm going to really miss looking at covers on the Kindle. They just add so much to a book, I think. I love to look back at a cover while I'm reading, and I REALLY love having my books all lined up on my shelf. I'm going to miss that with the Kindle. I'll probably still buy my favorites, just to have.

  4. Love the cover!

    I know the review is going to be really great too.

    Got your email about tumblr follower issues. Will contact tumblr next.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. 4 stars.... going to sign this up in Wishlist next.

  6. Sounds fascinating. It is great when we care so much about the characters.
    Stopped by on the hop and am following.

    COme on over! Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust


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