Book Review: Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

the longing.
Once Grace and Sam have found each other, they know they must fight to stay together.  For Sam, this means a reckoning with his werewolf past.  For Grace, it means facing a future that is less and less certain.

the loss.
Into their world comes a new wolf named Cole, whose past is full of hurt and danger.  He is wrestling with his own demons, embracing the life of a wolf while denying the ties of being human.

the linger.
For Grace, Sam, and Cole, life is a constant struggle between two forces -- wolf and human -- with love baring its two sides as well.  It is harrowing and euphoric, freeing and entrapping, enticing, and alarming.  As their world falls apart, love is what lingers.  But will it be enough?

In case you didn't already know, Natalie and I are a house divided on Shiver.  I gave it three stars while she gave it five.  To see my original review, click here.  To see my second opinion (on my re-read of Shiver), along with Natalie's dissenting opinion, click here

I don't think we're going to have the same problem with Linger.  I just finished Linger and I am shocked at how much I enjoyed it.  It was a great sequel, more enticing than Shiver, with better pacing, a well fleshed-out plot, better character development, and an ending that sets up Forever (book three) perfectly.  Shiver dealt with Sam trying not to shift, and Linger goes more into the science/reasons behind shifting.  I really liked that!

I love Maggie Stiefvater's writing.  It has been described as lyrical, and I have to agree.  She writes from the heart, and I love the way she describes her characters' emotions, desires, and secrets.  I also really enjoyed the way the book is told from four different points of view, but all in the first person. 

There is a pretty surprising twist at the end, which I loved.  One character has to make a big decision, and I expected them to decide opposite of what they actually did.  But, what they actually decided was more in keeping with their character and in line with what they value the most (humanity), so it was totally appropriate, albeit heart-wrenching.  I'm trying not to give anything away here!

Just One Gripe:
Like Shiver, Linger was a little slow to take off.  But after 150 pages, I couldn't put it down.

The Best Thing About This Book:
Shiver was almost more of a world-building novel, and Linger had more intrigue.  I liked the addition of Cole, and the twist at the end.  I won't say more because I don't want to give anything away.

Appropriate for a younger audience:

Characters: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Setting/Imagery:  5/5
Originality: 4/5
Ending: 5/5
Total Score:  22/25


  1. Glad you ended up liking Linger, Kelli! I really enjoyed Shiver, but I haven't gotten around to reading the sequel yet. And thanks for stopping by Mindful Musings on the blog hop/Follow Friday post! :D

  2. Seems Linger beat the first book from your review. Will have to read the first one before embarking on this one too. Also have Shiver on the shelf... keep amassing books with the intention to read.. too many books too little time. Hmmm makes me want to give up my day job to devote time to the art of reading forever :)

  3. I LOVED it...of course! And I have to give a shout out to my AWESOME friend Natalie who let me read her copy BEFORE she did!!!! Now, is that a good friend or what?!
    Cole really grew on me. I think he is really interesting and can't wait to see how his storyline develops. Sam & Grace- can't get enough. I love how Isabel has grown. She is spunky and I like her. Kinda bummed that Olivia didn't really make an appearance in this book at all...

    I must say that I am slightly worried about how book 3 is going to end...I think Maggie might break my heart. Crossing my fingers though,

  4. Hey Abby! She is awesome about that kind of thing. She lets me read books first all the time, something I'd probably never do, LOL.

    Cole grew on me too, and I like Isabel a lot more in this one. I was also disappointed about Olivia.

    I do agree that Maggie just might break our hearts in Forever.

    PK, you definitely need to read these!

    Natalie---Linger is WAAAAY better than Shiver!

  5. great review! I can't wait to read FOREVER. so excited!

  6. I would like to point out that I LOVED this series in the beginning BUT I agree with Abby and Kelli... maggie is going to break my heart :(
    I don't have high hopes for Sam and Grace in Forever but maybe Isabel and Cole will turn into something more *it's a reach but it's all I got*

    Kelli I think you liked Linger better because it is more scientific and medical than Shiver, al least that's what I really liked... And Cole grew on me too. I hope we learn more about him....
    Where the heck was Olivia???


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