Mockingjay Trailer

Every day is bringing us closer to Mockingjay (the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy)!  If you haven't read Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games and Catching Fire yet, drop everything and go read them now!

Here is the official Mockingjay trailer:

What a teaser!  I'm so excited!

We are a house divided here at I'd So Rather Be Reading as far as the Team Gale versus Team Peeta debate.  I am Team Gale and Natalie is Team Peeta...we have agreed to disagree! 

So, we need to know---which team are you on?  Gale or Peeta?  Leave us a comment telling us your team affiliation and why!

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  1. That was the BIGGEST tease!!! They didn't give anything away.... nothing... We already knew that Katniss is the face of the rebellion, of course she is going to lead she has to save my boy Peeta :)


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