TV Tuesday

TV Tuesday is a meme created by Mystee that I love! This is where I post my reviews of some of the entertainment that I watch week to week, whether impressed or not. So without further adieu here is what is on my TV plate for this week...

Unnatural History from the cartoon network is one of my family favorites! It just premiered and currently on its fourth episode. I love the history aspect, the characters are really likeable, and if you can believe this it is "family friendly." Here is the description that I found:
  This is a live-action urban adventure series centered around Henry Griffin, a teenager with exceptional skills acquired through years of globe-trotting with his anthropologist parents. But Henry faces his biggest challenge of all when he moves back to America to attend a high school stranger than any place he's ever lived before. Together with his cousin Jasper and his friend Maggie, he will use the ancient skills he learned around the globe in order to solve the modern mysteries of high school.

Supernatural never disappoints! I am on Season 5 episodes 13 and 14. The things that go "bump in the night" 
are just cool. Right now the apocalypse is on the verge of coming to pass... if you like the Left Behind Series you might like the religious aspect but I will warn you it has a weird take on religious beliefs.

On a lighter note, I watched a few episodes of the Disney Channel series Jonas. It was really cute and one that I would actually let my kids watch (8+ will like). I like the "Jo Bro's" values. They are just good guys and this is an appropriate show for tweens (no sex or foul language).

Well its been a busy week and I didn't watch a whole lot of TV (and that's a good thing), so until next week! Hope you have a great week :)


  1. I love your blog! Just started following :) And this is a cool weekly feature. I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!! Omg, the very end of the recent season took my breath away. It was just....Yeah. I can't say anything else, hehe.

  2. omg you just said cartoon network and instant flashback!! gah those were the days with epic cartoons *sigh*

  3. @ Justine I am working my way to the end of season 5 and I can't stand not knowing! Do you know if they decided on a season 6?

    @ Aly cartoon network was pretty sweet!


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