Book Review: The Secret of the Scarlet Stone (A Gabby Girls Adventure Novel #1) by T.L. Clarke

MG and YA mystery and adventure writer T.L. Clarke, author of the Gabby Girls Adventure series, debuts a sleuth tale that embraces the true meaning of “Girl Power”……

Can you help the Gabby Girls solve the clues? The Gabby Girls are drawn together by the only thing that they have in common, which is the mysterious scarlet pendant they each possess. But things seem even stranger when they find a clue that tempts them with the answer to the question they have longed to know. After all, Gabby Girls always stick together and everyday is a………Gabby Girls Adventure!
This was a fun mystery about four girls just starting out in boarding school.  The girls are roommates and soon discover that they all have the same necklace, passed down from other women in their families.  The necklace has five scarlet stones with engravings under each stone.

The ringleader is Gabrielle, who has lots of gumption and also an addiction to lollipops.  Rosalinda is the princess type, Jessica is the sweet sidekick, and Zora is the brainiac.  The girls find out that each one has a special power that she is loathe to share with anyone.  The secret powers range from turning invisible to being able to tell the age and provenance of an item by touching it. 

The Gabby Girls go on a quest to find the answers behind their secret powers and their matching pendants.  Most of the book focuses on the quest, which occurs underneath the school.  

I enjoyed this one----it reminded me a lot of Harry Potter---except it's about girl power, which is nice!

Just One Gripe:
It is more middle grade than YA.  I don't seek out middle grade but I will read it upon request.

The Best Thing About This Book: 
I like the message it sends about friendship, self-esteem, and believing in yourself.

Appropriate for a younger audience: 

As this is more of a middle grade book, I am scoring it against other middle grade books.  A five star middle grade book is not equivalent to a five star adult book, just because I enjoy  YA and adult fiction more than middle grade fiction.    

Characters: 4/5
Plot: 3/5
Setting/Imagery: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Ending: 4/5
Total Score:  19/25

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an impartial review.


  1. I'm so glad to hear. I just excepted this one for review. Awesome review btw :)

  2. Girl power is all what life should be about. I'm partial to the Power Puff girls myself. You've had a lucky stroke while reading and some positive reviews too. Sign of good times.


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