Book Review: Hourglass (Evernight #3) by Claudia Gray

Summary (Stop here if you haven't read Evernight and Stargazer): 
After escaping from Evernight Academy, the vampire boarding school, Bianca and Lucas seek refuge with Black Cross, the elite group of vampire hunters led by Lucas’s stepfather. When Bianca’s close friend—the vampire Balthazar—is captured by Black Cross, Bianca knows she has to do whatever it takes to save him. But at what cost? Hourglass, the third book in this gripping vampire series by the author of the New York Times bestseller Stargazer, has all the romance, suspense, and page-turning drama that have made Claudia Gray’s books runaway successes. 

It's rare that a book truly surprises me, so I tend to really relish surprises when they occur.  Hourglass was one of those books, and I just love that!  

Claudia Gray has done a lot with this series---it could have easily become "just another YA vampire series" but it is so much more.  Her creativity, plot, and romance make for books that you just can't put down.  

I knew going into Hourglass that there was a surprise at the end, but I really didn't think Gray would go as far as she did.  It was a real "DREAMS SHATTERED" moment ("DREAMS SHATTERED" is me and my husband's favorite thing to say when huge things happen---see the full explanation in my review of Rumors).  I love my happy endings as much as the next girl, but sometimes I like a big twist like that that changes all of the rules.  It just makes the series so interesting.

So, now I need to know: which Evernight team are you on?  Balthazar or Lucas?  I'm rooting for Balthazar...I love underdogs! 

Just One Gripe: 
Do you know any 17 year old girls who use the term "lover"?  Bianca says it at least twice and it felt so age-inappropriate!

The Best Thing About This Book: 
The huge surprise.

Appropriate for a younger audience: 
There are a couple of bedroom scenes, but nothing more graphic than Breaking Dawn.  

Characters: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Setting/Imagery: 3/5
Originality: 4/5
Ending: 4/5
Total Score:  19/25

The Series in Order:


  1. Thanks for an honest review. I've read an awful lot about this book and it seems that people either really love it or REALLY hate it. Most, however, seem to agree that it isn't as good as the other books.

  2. Ahhhhhhh must remember to add this one on the list too. Hyperventilating with the growing titles on list... breath in .... breath out...

  3. I <3 and agree with your gripe. I think even adults feel silly saying that.


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