The Hunger Games Book Club

The Hunger Games book club is hosted by Jamie at The Book Junkie's Bookshelf.

For those of us who have read The Hunger Games before , what is it about the book that you decided to pick it back up and discuss it as part of a group?
Natalie: My mom told me I needed to give the series a try because it was something she knew I would like. We joined the book club because this series is so addictive!
Kelli:  I originally read the book because Natalie told me to---when Stephenie Meyer recommended it we knew we'd like it.  I decided to join the book club because it is a series that inspires a lot of thinking and conversation.

Those of us who haven't read The Hunger Games yet what are your pre-concieved notions about the book, what are your hopes for the book?
Natalie and Kelli:  We have read the first two multiple times and Mockingjay once.

Has anyone read other books by Ms. Collins outside of The Hunger Games trilogy?
Natalie: I have only the Hunger Games series, the Gregor was middle school level and I typically don't read that level.
Kelli: I've read her other series, Gregor the Overlander, which is more middle grade but I really enjoyed that series.

What are your thoughts on her other works?
Natalie: I don't have anything to compare it to.
Kelli: I think the Gregor series is just as good, although different from The Hunger Games.  I also liked the conclusion of the Gregor series a lot more than the conclusion of Mockingjay.


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  2. I've never read anything else of Suzanne Collins, and I loved the Hunger Games trilogy...great interview there!

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  4. I got into this series because my co-workers told me I was missing out on Awesome Sauce....And they were SOOOOO right I was! Thanks for participating in book club!


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