Smart Chicks Kick @ The Woodlands, TX

I was able to go to yet another GREAT signing! So here is a recap of the night and a few pics (I also uploaded them to Facebook).

 Okay, the signings began at 7pm @ B&N and I got there at 6:30.... and there were a gazillion fans lined up all tangling throughout the bookshelves..."oh my" was my first thought, then I said I'm in it to win it :) Kelli was at home sick so my good friend Abby traveled to meet me and wait it out. 

And wait it out we did... 4 1/2 hours later we finally made it! But don't think it was an uneventful wait, we met some really great people and had a blast :)  *Amanda and "The Circus Girl" we will be tweeting*
Melisssa Marr
I was really excited to see Cassandra Clare & Alyson Noel... of course I had a whole bag of books for all the authors in Kelli's  I fell in love with HOLLY BLACK and MELISSA MARR... they were so nice and approachable! I now have a nice loot of their books to read.                                              
*Now for the JEWEL of the night*  I was talking with Holly Black when Abby started talking with Cassandra Clare and this is what happened... 

I turned and told Cassandra Clare "I need the smut in City of Fallen Angels." Rachel Vincent stopped dead in her tracks and asked if I said what she thought I did... Oh yes I did.  Then Cassandra started laughing and said "Oh now I know who you are, Team Jace and Clary Should Be Doing It Team." So I asked her if the excerpt I read was all the steaminess I was going to get and my great fears... and then the BOMB was dropped...
Cassandra called to Holly and said "Hey Holly tell them how you helped me out with Jace and Clary"
Holly Black
*Que in Holly Black is now my hero and I will read all things Holly Black* Holly: "Can I tell them, I did several dirty alley scenes, you are going to love it" *heart stops, note to self buy all things Holly Black* Cassandra: I think you will be very satisfied, let me know if it meets your expectations... 
Cassandra, Abby & Natalie
 ..........Oh we will Cassandra, we will :) Now I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, that I like reading dirty things, because I DO NOT... that's why I don't venture far from YA books because they are generally safer. But come on, we need more from Jace and Clary... no more "Star Wars" doubts :) 

There were several fellow bloggers at the event and I got a quick pic of Girls in the Stacks (they have a cute vlog up) and heard that Mundie Mom's was sitting next to Cassandra but I didn't want to look like a huge dork and ask "Are you Mundie Mom's because I gawk at your site all the time."

Overall, it was great but next time I will get PF Changs to go and delivered to the cliff notes aisle!


  1. Long wait and hunger pains aside, it was awesome to meet so many amazing writers all in one place! Especially Cassandra Clare!!!! I just love her even more now! And it was fun to meet fellow obsessed fans waiting in line!

    Yes, we definitely NEED food next time!

  2. Are youtelling me there will be more 'smut' in COFA?? LOL!

  3. @ Greyz Thank you for the award :)

    @ Abby we need to see when Holly Black is coming back and plan out our PF Changs/Cheesecake Factory venture

    @Girlsinthestacks That is EXACTLY what Cassandra promised and I am holding her to it !

  4. Hahaha may i just say i love you guys for this and holly, i can't wait for city of fallen angels now!!! looks like there were some lovely authors there you lucky peepz! Thanks for the T shirt girls i so heart it:D

  5. I can't believe I missed out on meeting Girls in the Stacks and Mundie Mom's and you!

    I wish we could all do it again! Great post! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. Where to begin...(sigh)

  7. That sounds like so much fun! I think this will make some people gasp in horror, but... I've never read anything by Cassandre Clare. I really, really need to!

  8. Looks like you had an awesome time at this tour. WOW amazing you got to meet Cassandra Clare! WOW!

    Nice pics! Hmmmmm again WOW!


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