Book to Movie News: Breaking Dawn & If I Stay

Breaking Dawn: If you haven't heard (and that means you have been hiding under a rock that avoids all Twilight news) then you know Renesmee has been cast and the Twilight gang is in Louisiana! This picture has been floating all around the internet of Mackenzie Foy (aka Renesmee). Doesn't she look A LOT like Kristen Stewart?! 

Louisiana is only 30 minutes away and I would be lying if I haven't thought of "just happening to have dinner near the cast of Twilight and reducing myself to school girl giggles"... 

BUT I won't do it for 3 reasons: 1) My mom would kill me 2.) my daughter already tells my husband (every time she sees something Twilight) "Look Papa that's Momma's Edward Cullen" and 3.) I will respect their privacy and hope they make a FABULOUS movie... then I will sit in a theater @ midnight with all my girlfriends and giggle like a little school girl!

If I Stay: is in the pre-production process and Dakota Fanning has been cast to play the lead role of Mia,  according to Variety. Katherine Hardwicke was originally going to direct the movie but a new director has been announced, Heitor Dhalia. If the movie is half as good as the book it will be a box office hit!

So what do you think, love or hate it?



  1. Really?? Dakoda Fanning as Mia ??
    I don't know... she's a good actress no doubt but
    I can't seen to picture her as Mia...
    Maybe some new face actress would've been nice.

  2. Ok apparently I have been living under a rock!! I like this girl, hope she's a good actress ;)

    I should read If I Stay, everyone says it's amazing!

  3. Ummm, I'm really kind of upset that they are making If I Stay a movie. And, I can't picture Dakota Fanning as Mia. At all.

    I don't think this is a book that will translate into a movie well at all. Although, I am also really biased, because I never like movie adaptations of books that I've read and liked. Sigh. It makes me really sad. I'll just have to avoid it.

  4. That little actress is adorable :)

  5. They picked an excellent Nessie ;)

    Team Jacob here so I will not infringe on your Team Edward. She really is beautiful and they did an excellent pick with this actress.

  6. I am calling Shannan now (other 1/3 of GITS) and tell her about IF I STAY. She loved that book and would not stop talking about it.

  7. You have restraint! Only 30 minutes away? I would totally be there with my camera!


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