Enquiring Minds Want to Know

This week I got tagged by Mystee @ A Moment With Mystee to participate in Enquiring Minds Want to Know, hosted by Dolly @ Dollycas's Thoughts.  Thank you Mystee, for thinking of me!

Bloggers answer a series of questions about themselves and can tag other bloggers to participate.  So, here are the questions and my answers:

List four things you carry in your handbag.
My Nook, Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets, lipstick and dental floss.

List four things on top of your desk.
At work: reference books (I am a Registered Dietitian), a silk plant I arranged myself, a scripture calendar, and a stapler that I am oddly possessive of.

List four of your favorite things in your bedroom.
My king size, adjustable Tempur Pedic mattress (it cost an absolute FORTUNE but it was the best money I've ever spent), a framed scripture my sister made for me, my huge walk-in closet that spans the entire length of my bedroom, and my Vornado fan which blocks out noise at night.

List four things you've always wanted to do but haven't.
Go on a blind date (sorry hubby, I don't want to date now that we're married!), sky dive, dance in a club like no one's watching, and say no without feeling guilty.

List four things you really enjoy doing at the moment.
Reading, blogging, especially making new blogging friends, talking about books and shopping.

List four songs you can't get out of your head.
It really depends on whatever I'm listening to or what's popular at the time.  Right now it's Colbie Callait's I Never Told You and Paramore's The Only Exception.

List four things we don't know about you.
1.  I slept with a stuffed animal for a looooong time.  I too embarrassed to admit how old I was when I finally gave up! 
2.  I think staying home and watching a movie or TV with my husband is just as fun as going out.
3.  I hate going to the movies.  The chairs and theater feel dirty, people smack their popcorn, check their phones constantly and talk, and I just can't stand it.  I haven't seen Eclipse yet for this reason!
4.  I just turned 30, and I'm surprisingly okay with it. 


  1. This is such a cute idea! I love learning more about my fellow bloggers :)

  2. I hate the smacking mouths in theaters too! What is so hard with closing your moth to chew...

  3. You don't go to movie theaters?!!! There is just something special about watching a movie on a HUGE screen with surround sound. And seeing Jacob's abs 5 feet tall ;)

  4. Wow that walk-in closet sounds impressive! I dislike the dirtiness in movie theaters too, you never know what you might be about to step in.

  5. hahaha...I know what age you were when you gave up sleeping with your bear!

  6. Thanks Melissa!

    Natalie I agree 100%.

    Book Vixen, I saw New Moon so I did enjoy Jacob's abs then. :)

    Danya---the closet sold me on the house as a whole! It's awesome!!

    Kari---I'm so busted...but it's a rabbit and I still have it in a rubbermaid box, I just can't get rid of it. :)

  7. I have Paramore's the Only Exception stuck in my head too.
    Sky diving sounds awesome! I think it would be so exhilarating floating down to earth :)

  8. I'm so with you on 2 & 3 :) I prefer movies at home! And I always get icked out at the theaters. Not to mention people are rude and loud.

  9. Kelli,
    Thanks so much for playing along, usually there are just 3 easy questions, no lists, but I was tagged and since it was so close to my meme just incorporated it all together.

    Hope you will come back next week and boy would I love a Tempur Pedic mattress, I am so jealous!


  10. Girl turning 30, you still a baby! Remember age is like wine.. it only gets better.

    Nice getting to know you better, and I'm a big home body! My girlfriends tease me for not getting out enough. Hmmm would rather curl up and read read read read...

  11. Thanks for joining in the fun...
    Natalie sooo should have done it too ;)


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