Pre-Order A Signed Copy of Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie is hosting a GREAT giveaway to promote the release of the final installment of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, FOREVER. If you follow our book reviews you know that this series has been a heated debate between Kelli & I :) Although I will say, we are now on the same team after reading Linger. I had a chance to meet Maggie a few months ago and she was awesome! Yiiu can see pictures on our facebook page.

Forever is available for pre-order @ Fountain Bookstore (click the link). I am going to order from them this time *fingers crossed I get a doodled wolf in my copy... wink, wink Maggie*

To see the covers of all three books click HERE for the announcement. 
To see reviews: Shiver & Linger.


  1. Love Mags.
    Gotta read this series.
    Love this cover.
    Thanks for the heads up :)
    Happy Friday!

  2. I missed the boat on this series, but I liked Linger better than Shiver...hopefully that's the same for Forever! :D

  3. Just started reading Shiver... the Fahrenheit references makes me want to whip out the Celsius equivalent... I have to figure out how cold it is in Canadian winter terms ;)

  4. wow, that is a long wait for Forever...but getting a signed copy is worth it. Have you read her other books, Lament and (my hands down fav) Ballad?


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