Book Blogger Meet Up

Attention fellow book bloggers!  

Several of our blogging friends are talking about a book blogger meet-up.  Please take the very short survey below so we can decide when and where to meet.  Thank you!


  1. I can't in 2011 (too much going on) but I would be interested the following year :)

  2. Thanks for posting this, ladies! I'm excited to see the results :)

  3. Hi, I'm currently following your blog and have just added your button to my site! If you were to have a glance at my blog and follow me (if you wish to) it would make me really happy!

  4. It would be amazing to meet up!

    Hmmm how about the BEA convention in May 2011 in NY?? I'm certain tons of bloggers would be there and what a venue to meet & greet!

    Let me know... your buddy up in the great white north Canada :)

  5. I hope you manage to organise a blogger meet up, it's so much fun getting together with other bloggers :o) We're having a UK meet up in London next weekend & another one in Jan & I can't wait to see everyone.

    Do either of you have any plans to go to the Authors After Dark conference in Philly in August? I'm going (woohoo!!!) and it will be my first trip to the US - so excited :o) It would be lovely to meet up with you there if you're going


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