Book Review: Crave (Fallen Angels #2) by JR Ward

The second volume in J.R. Ward's Fallen Angels paranormal romance series pits a worldly wise covert ops soldier against an assassin, a demon, and his own conscience. Isaac Rothe has a bad boy past, but he knows that he's fallen mightily for his luscious public defender. Who knew that a battle for a soul could be so alluring?

I enjoyed Covet, the first book in JR Ward's Fallen Angels series, but it was no Black Dagger Brotherhood for me.  Of course, I think it's hard to give Ward's other books a fair chance because I inevitably go into her books expecting them to be just as good as the BDB.  While I do like the angels in this book, they just don't compare to those rugged vampire brothers...

I enjoyed Crave more than Covet because I knew what to expect: a meet cute, an update on Jim and his angel sidekicks Eddie and Adrian, and a struggle between the two main characters to overcome circumstances preventing them from getting together.  There were some nice surprises to this book, especially the question of whose soul was being sought after by both sides in the war. 

This series is turning out to be just as dark as the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.  While I can skim past some of the heavier fighting scenes and not be affected, more sensitive readers might be offended by the subject matter.  The Fallen Angles series is about the battle between Heaven and Hell for the souls of the world.  Shape-shifting demons and trips to hell for demonic torture sessions are par for the course in this series. 

Crave was the perfect read to tide me over while I'm waiting for the next BDB book.  While I did enjoy this book, I was able to put it down from day to day (unlike the BDB). 

Just One Gripe:
The "Wardisms" bogged the writing down for me.  Phrases like "went Nike across the desert" and "after he hi-how-are-you'd him" got too repetitive. 

The Best Thing About This Book:
The surprise at the end.

Appropriate for a younger audience:

Characters: 3/5
Plot: 3/5
Setting/Imagery: 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Ending: 4/5
Total Score:  17/25


  1. It does sound like the subject matter might be a bit too much for me, but I appreciate your take on it. Great review! :)

  2. I think it's hard NOT to compare this series to Ward's BDB series. Her BDB series was awesome and will be difficult to beat. How do you top bad ass vampires in leather? The branding gets a bit tiresome after a while. I thought Covet was okay so I haven't been anxious to pick up Crave. If I get around to reading it, I will. But not before I read Lover Mine!

  3. Great review :) I feel ya on the words.


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