Cover Reveal: City of Fallen Angels (MI #4)

Today is the BIG day! 

The cover reveal of the highly anticipated City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.

The cover was debuted today on EW and has a new excerpt. Cassandra Clare also has a post in which she further breaks down the details of the cover. 

If this announcement has you all stirred up and wanting more you can visit the COFA teaser page (I have read them more than once).

So the question is "Do you like it?"

 Twitter is running rampid with cover buzz and the majority of the tweets I have seen really like the cover. I think the cover is HOT, I mean look at Clary's eyes! I am also surprised at how much I like Simon too, he just fits for the cover (especially since a lot of the book is supposed to focus on him).


  1. The cover is nice. I haven't read this series yet but from what I've heard, it's a good one. I have City of Bones on my shelf. One of the books I would like to read in 2011.

  2. I see we're going with the whole "don't show the guy's whole face" bit. Why do we get to see Clary's whole face but not Simon's? This is a trend that bugs me so much.
    These covers are great though. Very fitting for the series.

  3. *drools* oh my gosh, I love the cover!! And I cannot wait for this book. Definitely my most anticipated release of 2011. Thanks so much for posting the cover--I hadn't seen it yet!!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for posting ;)

  5. Love it! I can't wait to read it. I'm totally a Simon girl so I'm really excited to read this. :)

  6. I like the bottom half of the cover, but the top half seems off...I think it is seeing Clary's face. Simons face looks a little cartoon-y, and so do the arrows.

    However, I will be reading this book despite the cover! I LOVE this series.

  7. I love it...but there's something about the fact that we see Clary's full face. I was getting used to NOT seeing faces haha thanks for sharing, ladies! :)

  8. of course I like it!

    So have to get started with this serie soon... argh....


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