Book Review: Anne of Green Gables Books 5-7 by LM Montgomery

Anne's House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables #5)
Gilbert Blythe is finally a doctor, and in the sunshine of the old orchard, among their dearest friends, he and Anne are about to speak their vows. They will be bound for a new life together and their own dream house on the purple shores of Four Winds.

Anne of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables #6)
Anne is the mother of five, with never a dull moment in her lively home. And now with a new baby on the way and insufferable Aunt Mary visiting - and wearing out her welcome - Anne's life is full to bursting.

Rainbow Valley (Anne of Green Gables #7)
Anne Shirley is grown up, has married her beloved Gilbert and now is the mother of six mischievous children.

These boys and girls discover a special place all their own, but they never dream of what will happen when the strangest family moves into an old nearby mansion. The Meredith clan is two boys and two girls, with minister father but no mother -- and a runaway girl named Mary Vance. Soon the Meredith kids join Anne's children in their private hideout to carry out their plans to save Mary from the orphanage, to help the lonely minister find happiness, and to keep a pet rooster from the soup pot. There's always an adventure brewing in the sun-dappled world of Rainbow Valley.

I didn't think I could love the rest of the Anne of Green Gables series more than I loved the first three books, but I did.  These books are classics, beautifully written with outstanding imagery and description.  I was looking for some nice clean reads after feeling like I'd had too much smut as of late, and the Anne of Green Gables series was just what the doctor ordered.

Anne's House of Dreams finds Anne and Gilbert newly married and moved away from Green Gables.  I read a couple of reviews with people saying they didn't like this book because they didn't like the way Gilbert was portrayed, but I thought it was just perfect.  This book was more bittersweet than the previous books in the series, but I thought that just made it more believable.

Anne of Ingleside is the last book featuring Anne as the main character.  She has baby after baby in this book and her family is featured here.  Anne and Gilbert have such a sweet relationship and I loved reading about her growing family.  After the heartbreak in Anne's House of Dreams I was happy to see them so happy together.

Rainbow Valley was a little different from the other books in the series.  It was almost entirely about the Meredith children, who are Anne and Gilbert's neighbors.  The Blythe children are featured here but the bulk of the story is about the Meredith children.  This book reminded me of book one, Anne of Green Gables in that it's about children who try to be good but always end up getting into trouble.

I loved these books and cannot believe that I missed them for all these years.  I had no idea the books would be so much better than the movies (although I should have guessed it) and I'm sure that I'll be recommending this series for my daughter when she starts reading.

Just One Gripe: 
I bought the Anne of Green Gables series for Nook for $0.99.  I did not realize that book four, Anne of Windy Poplars, was missing from the set.  So, I started book five thinking something was missing, and it was.  If you're thinking about buying the series, just be aware that book four is not included in the Nook version.

The Best Thing About This Book: 
I got the satisfaction of reading classic historical fiction without the hard work that classic literature sometimes entails.

Appropriate for a younger audience: 
Yes, they are as clean as a whistle.

Characters: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Setting/Imagery: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Ending: 5/5
Total Score:  25/25


  1. I should really re-read this whole series. It's one of those that truly defined my youth :)

  2. If I could back as a character it would be as Anne.

    Loved this series and I'm certain the fanbase here will all agree once they've read your thoughts.

    Hurray for Anne and welcome to Anne's fanclub :)


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