Book Review: Seven Exes are Eight Too Many by Heather Wardell

The fiercely private Madeleine-Cora Spencer is the last person who should be on a reality TV show, but when she's shunned by a friend's new wife because "you can't trust desperate single women" her pain and humiliation drive her straight to the "Find Your Prince" dating show's web site. Armed with date-appropriate clothes and a detailed game plan she arrives to meet her potential loves, only to be dumped... on a remote island with seven ex-boyfriends. Seven exes! Could this be any worse?

Heather Wardell writes women's fiction with depth, humor, and heart.  She has five novels available now, one for free download and the rest for $0.99. You can read excerpts at
I've now read all of Heather Wardell's books: Planning to Live, Go Small or Go Home, and Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tatoo.  Each of her books has been great in its own way.  Seven Exes are Eight Too Many is about a woman looking for love who signs up for a reality show.  She has dated twelve guys in sixteen years but still has feelings for one of the twelve.

MC (Madeline-Cora) thinks that she's going to be on a dating show to find new love, but instead ends up stranded on an island with seven of her exes.  MC and her exes are competing for a million dollars against Kent and seven of his exes.  Kent is the guy MC still regrets, and her feelings for him are renewed on the island.  MC doesn't know what's real and what's part of the game, especially when Kent's ex-wife and Kent are showing signs of getting back together.

Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many is about a woman who never shows her true feelings to anyone who learns to finally open up and let someone in.  She grows a lot throughout the book and the ending was perfect.  I would recommend Heather Wardell's books to fans of romance and even fans of YA, since they are not too "adult" for teens.

Just One Gripe: 
I am no fan of reality shows, and the Survivor-like atmosphere was not my favorite setting.  However, this did not deter the book from being impossible for me to put down.  I had to finish this book in a day: I had to know how the book ended!

The Best Thing About This Book: 
Wardell writes in a way that I feel everything her characters are feeling.  I feel like I'm living in the book right along with them, and I love that.  That feeling is why I love reading.

Appropriate for a younger audience: 

Characters: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Setting/Imagery: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Ending: 5/5
Total Score:  21/25


  1. While I would normally pass something like this up, I'm a sucker for an unputdownable plot! Great review, Kelli! :)

  2. O wow. No way! My mind is spinning trying to imagine what that would be like for me. I LOVE the premise of this. Great review.

  3. Oh gosh, I love reality tv and would probably love to read a book with some sort of reality tv premise, but this one just sounded a little sad to me! I would pretty much hate being stranded anywhere with any of my exes- especially if I still had feelings for one of them! Thanks for bringing 7 Exes to my attention :)

  4. "Wardell writes in a way that I feel everything her characters are feeling."

    This is what usually makes me like a book the most. You know, this isn't something that I would normally pick up, but after reading your review, I might give it a shot. Thanks!

  5. Just the name of the book made me laugh.

    Your "I had to know how the book ended" is my cue to say... "excuse me do you HAVE this ONE??"

    Girl making me break my promise to hubby to budget book buying... not nice... ah chucks... blaming you as an accomplice ;)


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