Book to Movie News: The Hunger Games, City of Bones & The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The director for THG trilogy, Gary Ross, has been announced and casting is the next phase. Here is what Ross had to say about casting Katniss Everdeen  
Ross revealed that he hadn’t yet met with any actresses but would begin those conversations shortly. Admirers of Katniss, District 12′s dark and resilient “Tribute,” can rest assured that the director won’t dumb the character down or cutesy her up for the movie. “I’ve talked to Suzanne extensively and I feel like I understand the character really, really well,” he said. “What makes Katniss attractive is her strength and her assuredness and her defiance and ultimately her compassion. And I don’t mean just physical strength. I mean a real strength as a human being. She knows her own truth. She feels deeply and fiercely. And this is something that the actress has to bring with her.” 

There have also been rumors that Hugh Laurie & Robert Downey Jr. are up for the role of Haymich Abernathy, what do you think?

TMI: City of Bones
Logan Lerman for Simon
So who do fans want to play Jace & Simon? It is pretty clear as many are shouting it from their twitter accounts daily. Collins (Clary) has even seen the tweets and knows how serious the fans are about who they see for these characters. “A lot of the fans have been tweeting that [they want] Alex Pettyfer." She also mentioned a Logan Lerman as a name she keeps hearing fans talk about for Simon. (Source:

Alex Pettyfer for Jace
 I don't know about you but I just love the choices! I think both guys physically fit the roles. But nothing is official and for now these are the fans "wants/desires".

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Book Review)
Filming is underway in Sweden for the American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The leading lady, Rooney Mara, will be portraying the books main character Lisbeth Salander. Mara has embraced the role and showed up to a film festival sporting her characters signature look.
Here is Mara before and after her Lisbeth makeover.


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  1. O most definitely Hugh! Though I wish they were choosing someone portly.

  2. I LOVE the possibles for Haymitch. Robert Downey Jr. has Haymitch's sarcasm down to an art.

    I could die happy if Alex Pettyfer was cast as Jace. Just saying. And Logan is an adorable choice for Simon. Him or Graham Phillips.

  3. those are great choices for haymitch...

    books being made into movies. I hope that they keep the general theme or storyline, but other than I don't go into with high expectations anymore.

    IE Twilight

  4. I saw some other pictures of Rooney. Really incredible transformation. I hope all the tattoos are fake. They must be.

    Also heard more news about Miley Cyrus doing Wake. She says she wants it to be more of a horror film.

  5. While reading the books, I TOTALLY had Hugh Laurie's face and mannerisms going through my head for Haymitch! Then again, RDJ would do the role justice too... I think either one could pull of drunk and snarky! =D

  6. I think Hugh Laurie would make the perfect Haymitch, and I'm still pulling for Malese Jow for Katniss :)

  7. Yep, we're super excited about all of these. THanks for the updates!!!

  8. Yep, we're super excited about all of these. THanks for the updates!!!

  9. Yep, we're super excited about all of these. THanks for the updates!!!

  10. Wow! I can't believe I haven't read any of these books yet, so now I can't join in the fun! Shame on me!!

  11. I can't decide who I want more for Haymich, they are both great options.

    @ Julie I always worry the movie will ruin the book too :(... If the others are involved I usually have a little more faith.

    @Leanna GIRL! You need to get going and start The Mortal INstruments quick! :)

    @Allison I didn't even know they were making Wake into a movie let alone cast Miley Cyrus... very nervous

  12. *crosses fingers and toes that Alex Pettyfer will be Jace*

    For the win, people!

  13. Hugh Laurie would be best as Abernathy.

    Mara looked pretty scary in her Lisbeth makeover... Have you seen the other Lisbeth the foreign Danish (I think their Danish) movies? Now she's perfect!


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