eBooks versus "Real" Books

I have had a Nook since August, and I've recently noticed something: not only do I read books faster on my Nook, but I have not read anything off my "real" book TBR shelf in a while.  This is sad because I have some great books waiting for me there!  After thinking about why this might be I came up with the following:
  • I read on my Nook at mealtimes because I don't worry about splatters on paper pages.
  • I read on my Nook at the gym because it's so much easier than clipping the pages on a dead tree book back to stay in place.
  • I carry my Nook everywhere and read a little at a time in waiting rooms, in line at the pharmacy, etc.
  • eBooks are cheaper than hard copies and so I'm buying more e-books now.
It's gotten to the point where I ask for review requests in eBook version only and I'm only buying hard copies if I'm collecting books in a series.  Example: I recently bought the hard copy of Night Star, The Immortals series book five, because I have the first four in hard copies.  

I have had only one bad eBook experience and that was with, of all books, Last Sacrifice.  When I opened the book to read it, all the apostrophes and quotation marks were either replaced with two spaces or question marks.  So, a line of dialogue looked like this:

?I just can?t believe you?re doing this to me,? Rose cried. 
Barnes and Noble support informed me that the file came from the publisher damaged and that they would have the problem fixed in one to two weeks.  Needless to say, I got a refund and bought the hard copy.  It was simply unreadable with those glaring errors!

Do you have an e-reader?  Have you noticed that you prefer eBooks versus hard copies?  Maybe it's just me...


  1. I just got my Kindle for Christmas. At first I was sure that it would never replace paper books for me. However, the more I use it, the more I love it. I would really love to sell all my paper books and re-buy them on the Kindle -- that's how in love with ebooks I am. I never saw this happening, but I find they are easier to read, the background color (a light gray) is easier on my eyes than the creamy page of a paper book, and, I agree with you here, I read so much more because it's easier to multitask with my Kindle.

  2. I love my Nook and I have found I'm using it more that I am reading my bound books. It is easier to carry around. I am trying to spread my reading time out though because my books just look so sad on my desk :( I'm so torn!

  3. I just got a Sony eReader PRS 300 for Christmas, and while it's not as fancy as the Kindle or Nook, I am LOVING it! It's very convenient!! :o)

  4. My dad didn't really want an ereader, but we bought him one anyway b/c he's just impossible to buy for and is into technology. Surprisingly, he LOVES it. He's like a NOOK addict. I didn't particularly want an ereader myself, but now he's got me interested!

  5. I got a kindle back in October and I love it. It has a lot of benefits over physical books. For one, and the reason I got it, I can take as many books on vacation as I want and they are tiny and fit in my purse. Meaning, I don't have to load my suitcase full of 18 books that I may read while on vacation. I recently went to Albania for a month and I brought like 15 books on my kindle and 2 hardback books. I read a lot of what I brought, so I saved so much space and money.

    Also, it's nice because I don't have to deal with my hubby complaining about my risque covers. LOL! Yup, cause he does.

    I usually buy the books in hardback that I'm collecting or I want signed. So I bought Last Sacrifice in hard back and got Richelle Mead's signature. Things like that. But there are so many ebooks offered for review and I wouldn't get those without my ereader. It doesn't replace the physical books and stuff, but it has so many benefits. *sigh* I'm in love with my Kindle.

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  6. I bought my husband a Kindle for his birthday, but I'm still old fashioned and like the feel of real pages beneath my fingers... I also like to collect and display books. I can understand the attraction, though!

  7. I have a Nook and love it, but I still buy 'real' books. I mostly use the Nook for NetGalley, free books on B&N, and library books. I think I've only purchased 5 or 6 ebooks and I have had it since July. While I love the Nook, it still can't replace the feel of a 'real' book for me - at least not yet :)

  8. I've had my Sony reader since last March & I do love it but I don't use it as much as I thought I would. I've had so many problems with it (like loading it up with books for my holiday & then it just stopped working for no reason so I had to go out & buy books to read!) so now I don't trust it much when it comes to taking it out and about with me.

    I do use it to read review copies but I wish I'd got a Kindle rather than the sony to make it easier to buy ebooks. I love the convenience of them (well how convenient they're supposed to be lol) but I still love my hard copies too so I don't think I'll ever stop buying paper copies of books too :o)

  9. hmmm...I feel like one of the last hold outs...I love the feel of the paper, the choice of the font, the binding, the smell of the book even. E-readers seem to make books so uniform...

    I'd maybe try one for periodicals. Maybe.

    But I remain stubbornly attached to my books. I love being surrounded by them. :)

  10. My nook is a great addition to my reading adventures but I do not read only on it. I still buy "normal" books from time to time if it has a pretty cover or it is on sale. I do find it easier to read and I read books faster on it as well!

  11. My reading has gone up so much since I got my Nook. And I am like you, I read everywhere now. I downloaded the Nook and Kindle app for the iPhone (even though I don't own a Kindle) just so I could read on the go and take advantage of the free books. I love my Nook. I only buy the hardbacks now if it is a F&B book or something really worth keeping.

  12. I love the nook but I love the book store too! Yes I said book store and not books. Plus at Borders I get my 10% off plus I get 33%-50% off coupons every week which makes the hardcovers even cheaper than ebooks, so I can read more for less. I mainly use my nook for epub books or when they have those sales you just can't resist. I also love displaying my books in my house :)

  13. I'm loving my Kindle and I have noticed I read faster on it as well...what's up with that??

    I haven't been completely converted yet...still using my Kindle mainly just for freebies and using the moolah on "real" books. I loan a lot of books to friends at work and I miss being able to do that with my ebooks.

    I also make it a point to be reading a Kindle book and a 'real" book concurrently. Not sure why, it's just become habit lol.

  14. When I accept books for review, I definitely prefer eBooks. I get to try the book and it's no pressure if I don't like it (no money lost in the cost of the book or shipping it to me).

    And ya know, I think you're right...I do read eBooks faster.

    Great point! :)

    Side note: I've always been frugal and buy very few books. The eBook and all the free books I get on it saves me trips to the library :)

  15. I am totally pro-ebooks. I mean, I still have hundreds of 'real books' and enjoy them. However, I enjoy ebooks in a different way. I like using my ereader for classics, as I read faster and I can make the font bigger. For example, right now I am reading The Woman in White. The font in my hard copy is miniscule, on my ereader though, I have it zoomed in. Granted, I am moderately young and don't wear glasses, it's still nice to be able to change the size so my eyes don't hurt.

  16. I noticed that I, too, read faster on my Kindle. But I seem to switch back and forth between my Kindle and print books. While I love reading on my Kindle, there's just something about holding a book in my hands and turning the pages.

    I can't read on my Kindle when I'm eating. No way. I don't even read a print book. I'm usually on Twitter on my iTouch :)

    That sucks about the formatting you found in Last Sacrifice. I would have been pissed! I know how anxious you were waiting for its release. My Kindle edition of Shadowfever better not be like that. And 2 weeks to fix? That's horrible.

    Great topic!

  17. I love my Nook but I find that the prices of ebooks are irritating me. It seems like more and more often I can get the physical book for much cheaper.

    I do find that I can get more reading done when I use my Nook and not an actual book. I wonder if it's because I can multitask more easily. :)

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