Book Inspired Valentines

I have been seeing a lot of awesome Book Inspired Valentines floating around and I wanted to share!

Novel Novice has made several Literary Valentines and is offering them as free downloads. They are all so creative!

My favorite (or the only one I think my Sweet Stuff would accept)
Also, the girl playing Clary in the book trailer of City of Fallen Angels has made some too! You can follow her on Twitter (@TeganTheTerror) and you can view all her Valentines on her Facebook page. 
@TMIexaminer there is a fun Valentines giveaway for jewelry inspired by TMI. Click here for the article and details to enter to win. As a side note: Natalie (@TMIexaminer) always has the latest news on TMI news and events.


  1. LOVE this. I think I need to send out Valentines this year. I haven't done so in forever :)

  2. O great list! :)

    Side note: I want that shirt.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Okay, I just spent forever on FB checking out that artwork. So awesome!

    Thanks for posting the links.

    *TX sized hugs*

    Happy V-day!


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