Stylish Blog Award and Gator Battle Award

Thank you to Melissa of Paranormally Romanced and Kari of Under the Fairy Dust for giving us the Stylish Blogger Award!

Thank you to The Book Vixen for giving us the Gator Battle Award!  The Gator Battle award is for people who the nominator thinks will be worth their weight in a gator battle.  We do have gators here in Southeast Texas but neither of us has ever been in a gator battle. But Natalie does occasionally have a craving for Alligator from Pappadeaux's (pronounced Pop-e-does, it's Cajun, we are really close to the Louisiana border).

We wanted to take the time to greatly thank the bloggers who awarded us these fun gifts! We couldn't decide who to pass them onto because there are so many fantastic bloggers out there and we love you all! So these awards are passed onto anyone who reads this post and thinks they could kick a "gator's" butt or those who like to be stylish in both blog and body :)


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