Book Review: Faefever, Dreamfever, and Shadowfever (Fever Series #3, 4, 5) by Karen Marie Moning

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Faefever (Fever #3)
Dreamfever  (Fever #4)
Shadowfever (Fever #5)

This series broke me out of my reading slump.  I loved it!  I sped through the last three books so quickly that I did not stop to write my reviews after each book, like I usually do.  Now the books in all of their glory are a little blurred together in my mind, so I'll just write a few sentences about each one.  

It felt like I had just gotten through saying, "Gee, how nice to have an adult fiction series, especially a paranormal series, that's not just full of sex" when, bam---the sex started.  And it didn't stop for the entire rest of the series.  Don't get me wrong, there was still a great story, but this series turned adult really quickly at the end of Faefever.

I missed Mac's happy-go-lucky attitude in this book, but appreciated her character growth.  I love to read about character growth, and Moning does a great job maturing Mac.  The Voice lessons with Barrons and the MacHalo were my favorite parts of this book.

Score for Faefever:

This was the darkest book of the series for me.  I have enjoyed the banter between Mac and Barrons the entire series and was disappointed at the way they finally get together.  Sex without emotion is empty and meaningless to me.

I did not like the Dani chapters because I felt like they disrupted the flow of the book.  They served a purpose, and I like Dani, but the way the chapters were sprinkled in throughout the book felt choppy to me.

A lot happened in Dreamfever, but there are a lot of questions left unanswered.  Moning really had her work cut out for her for Shadowfever.  I am so, so, so glad I started this series when all five books were already released and I didn't have to wait to read Shadowfever!

Score for Dreamfever:


This was my favorite book in the series.  I thought Moning did an excellent job wrapping up the story.  Yes, there was one main question I had that was left unanswered, but that just makes me want to read the spin-off even more.  I kind of liked that not everything was resolved, because if it were, I think the ending would have felt too "pat," a la Breaking Dawn.  Moning surprised me with the issue of Cruce and the issue of Alina's murderer.  I really enjoyed those plot twists.  All in all, the mythology and lore, as well as world-building, were superb in this series. 

Score for Shadowfever:


Just One Gripe: 
The "catch-up/review" sections of each book were too big and too spread out throughout the books.  A little blurb in the first couple of chapters would have been enough to bring people up to speed.  I hate being told the same thing over and over!

The Best Thing About This Series: 
The plot twists kept me guessing until the end.

Appropriate for a younger audience: 

I loved this series and would recommend it to just about anyone!


  1. I've never really considered reading this series, and I think it's because of the covers (I know...I'm petty). I loved your reviews though, so I'm adding them to my list! Great thoughts :)

  2. I love this series too. Barrons is what makes this books.

  3. yup, that is my biggest grip too, Kelly.

    And I thought the same thing about the anti climatic ending in SF. But overall, it was a fun series.

    Glad the books brought you out of your reading slump.

  4. Def. gonna read this series one day because of you.

  5. YES! Estatic to hear you are officially a fan like myself. The last book killed me with all its surprises! I never saw that coming!

  6. It's the perfect finale for what I expect is the end of Macs discoveries and the beginning of her journey with Barrons. I downloaded the book at 3 am when it was available and couldn't put it down. It's a thrill ride, a love story, a story of family and personal growth. I can't wait to see what the next phase of the journey brings.


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