Book to Movie Review: Beastly

I read Beastly in almost one sitting (and that is saying A LOT for me). It was a very fast, sweet read and I love the tale of Beauty & The Beast. Alex Flinn nailed
it when adapting this tale into a modern day retelling. As with all movie adaptations I was a little worried that the movie would spoil the sweet story I had envisioned as I read the book. My initial concerns were only face value: 

1.) Vanessa Hudgens did not physically fit the character of Lindy. 
2.) Kyle wasn't a "Beast" he was more of a victim of an angry tattoo artist
3.) The standard plea..."Oh please stay true to the book"

I am very happy to report that I (and Kelli) truly enjoyed this movie! I loved all the changes that were made for the big screen. Alex Pettyfer is on FIRE! And he did great portraying Kyle/Grant/Adrian. I actually think that Kyle was more disturbing in the movie and a true modern day beast. I really liked the tree tattoo that kept track of the passing year & Mary Kate Olsen really pulled off Kendra the Witch. And how funny was Neil Patrick Harris?! I loved him as Will. He really gave the movie the comic relief that was needed just at the right moments.

Right after watching the movie my little sister immediately went and bought the book and read it straight through... who says movies can't motivate the youth to read :) 

Overall I have to admit that I liked this movie adaptation better than the original Twilight movie... there I said it :) This is a great book and movie for tweens and up!

"Just because something is beautiful doesn't mean it's good." 


  1. I can't wait to see this movie!! I had been feeling like, "Oh, I can Redbox it..." but your review just made me want to run out to the theater. Plus, I love Mary Kate Olsen and had no idea she was in it! Thanks for getting me excited :)

  2. Awesome review and closing quote. Don't you love when a movie inspires someone to read?

  3. Great review! I've wanted to see this, but I worry about it because V. Hudge bugs me so much haha I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it though! :)su

  4. YAY! Gald to hear the movie is not a dissappointment. I can't wait to see it.

  5. Natalie, you don't even want to know how super crazy fangirl I am over NPH! I LOVE HIM.

    I haven't read the book or watched the movie yet, but the tattoo thing does sound like a significant change. I'm glad you think it worked well in the movie. Oh, and I agree, Alex Pettyfer is on FIRE!!!

    P.S. I wasn't a big fan of the first Twilight movie either. :(

  6. Shan and I (Stacy) saw this just the other day. We lol'd a lot. While we didnt love it, we can see watching it again and home.

    Oh, and neither of us read the book. Well, I read the first 3 chapters. To me Kyle really didnt change that much in the movie. As soon as he was turned back to Kyle I could see the arrogance on his face. Also, like you he seemed more a victim of a tattoo artist than a beast. AND just from watching movie, I can see why Kyle falls for her but not the other way round.

    Maybe we just need to read the book.


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