Book Review: Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely #5) by Melissa Marr

The Summer King is missing; the Dark Court is bleeding; and a stranger walks the streets of Huntsdale, his presence signifying the deaths of powerful fey.

Aislinn tends to the Summer Court, searching for her absent king and yearning for Seth. Torn between his new queen and his old love, Keenan works from afar to strengthen his court against the coming war. Donia longs for fiery passion even as she coolly readies the Winter Court for battle. And Seth, sworn brother of the Dark King and heir to the High Queen, is about to make a mistake that could cost his life.

Love, despair, and betrayal ignite the Faery Courts, and in the final conflict, some will win . . . and some will lose everything.

The thrilling conclusion to Melissa Marr's New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series will leave readers breathless.

Be still my heart!!  I finally got what I wanted out of Melissa Marr: CLOSURE!  My one complaint with her Wicked Lovely series has been the lack of definitive endings with each book in the series.  Each book had its own arc, but she was introducing new characters before the old characters' stories were concluded.  This made for great reading but left something to be desired, in my opinion, because I never got an ending to anyone's story.

I have been anxiously awaiting Darkest Mercy for months now and was thrilled to receive it and start reading.  For me to sit and read a "real" book instead of a parenting book or working in Kaitlyn's nursery like I have been for months is a really big deal.  I knew I was excited about Darkest Mercy when I actually sat down after work to read for a change! 

Darkest Mercy starts with Keenan missing.  He has gone a little rogue, so to speak, and Aislinn is left to lead the Summer Court alone.  Seth continues to be torn between his love for Aislinn and his loyalty to his adoptive mother, Sorcha, and Bananach is stirring up discord and starting a war.  There are a couple of new characters in this book, and they really add a lot to the story.  I enjoyed the depth of the plot, the quality of the writing, and the suspense until the very last pages.  Marr keeps things interesting and I can never guess where her plots will lead---I love that!

If you have not picked up the Wicked Lovely books, I would recommend them to anyone.  They are a great start into the paranormal genre, and a perfect example of YA done right.

Just One Gripe: 
I didn't like the lack of definition of Niall and Irial's relationship.  Are they or aren't they---that is the question.    

The Best Thing About This Book: 
While I think that imagery is one of Melissa Marr's defining characteristics, my favorite thing about this book was the conclusion to each characters' story.

Appropriate for a younger audience: 

Characters: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Setting/Imagery: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Ending: 5/5
Total Score:  25/25



  1. Yay for closure! Hopefully, before the end of the year, I can read this one.

  2. I'm trying to wait patiently to read this one while my co-worker finishes a copy of the book. Glad to hear that you got some closure and really enjoyed it!

  3. I have GOT to get caught up with this series! I have only read the first two. I will have to make that a goal for this summer. :) Thanks for the lovely review!

  4. Closure? YAY. I only read the first 3, partly because the way they didn't tie up well was starting to aggravate me. I may just have to jump back on the bandwagon. :) Great review!

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