Pregnancy Update: Natalie

Today is my last day as a Mother of Two! Tomorrow at 8 am I will be the Mother of Three!! Woohoo! So, I thought I better give a quick update since I have been MIA from my blogging routine. 

The last few weeks have been spent nesting... which for me translates to lots of sewing, cleaning/purging, A LOT of pool time with my kids and of course reading at all hours of the night. 

You see here in Southeast Texas the Weather Gods have been awful to me... the temperature has been around 101 degrees without any sign of rain. I just got my light bill in the mail today and this was my reaction *smile*, little giggles and then out loud (to myself) "Yep, it was worth every stinkin' penny!" The upside to all the pool time is two-fold 1.) Really tired kids = great nap time and 2.) I have always said it... Tan Fat is prettier than White Fat :)

As far as reading goes I just finished a Christian-Fiction book, The Brothers by Chris Stewart. Let me just say it was FABULOUS! I love a book that makes you think about it days after you are done and to add that it made me think and reflect on spiritual aspects of my life made it even better. There are several more in this series and I have them on order, I can't wait!

Now for the big bomb shell... I did go into labor Saturday morning with contractions 7 minutes apart. But the on call doctor apparently thought Tuesday wasn't "that far away" and I could wait to have my c-section then, so he gave me a shot to stop my contractions!!!!............IDIOT! I came home miserable and ready to bark at anyone who looked my way. Then I checked the mailbox. And there was a package from Scholastic inside... my thoughts "I don't have any books ordered or requested that should be here." I open it up and it is an ARC of FOREVER by Maggie Stiefvater! OH MY FIDDLE STICKS ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD! I (almost) skip into the house, totally forget I was just in pain and about to have a baby and yelled to my husband "COME HERE". He comes running thinking I was having a baby, then I hold up the book and his grimace is replaced with a big 'ol smile. He has read the series and knew exactly why I was so excited. So we got some ice cream and I have been supper happy since (minus the uncomfort of being 39 weeks prego). I plan to finish Matched by Ally Condie tomorrow night and then I will devour Forever during the rest of my hospital stay! 

So until Baby Thomas arrives tomorrow I will be in the pool (surprise, surprise) and playing with my kiddos! 


  1. Yeah, I would not have been happy to have the shot earlier! I'm sure everything will go well for you tomorrow! :)

  2. OMG you are in labor. I would have shot the doc , thats wrong. Yeah for the book.

  3. You look great Natalie! I am jealous---I was a huge, swollen, scary mess at 37 weeks!

  4. Natalie - I'm with Kelli. It's totally not fair how cute you look at 39 weeks pregnant. Totally not fair!

    I, too, would have strangled the doctor who gave you a shot to stop labor and sent you home. I would have been livid. But hey, you got FOREVER!! OMG!!

    Hope all goes well tomorrow! I'm so excited for you!

  5. OMG Stupid doctor!

    LOVE that story!

    Good luck tomorrow! :)


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