Book Review: Betrayed (The Guardian Legacy #2) by Ednah Walters

Summary (This summary contains spoilers for Awakened---book one in the series):
Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian/demon hunter and the wielder of the Nephilim's most powerful weapon. She trains everyday to master her growing powers, gets along with her Guardian trainee friends (most of the time) and cherishes her moments with her human friends.

Just when she feels she belongs, her nature-bender father contacts her and warns her about a betrayal by someone close to her. Then Bran, the guy she loves, starts to act strange and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability. While Lil struggles find a connection between these three things, she begins to realize that someone is manipulating her and Bran, and will stop at nothing (including hurting those she loves) to lure them to the dark side.

Release Date:  August 1, 2011
Age Group:  Young Adult
Publisher:  Pill Hill Press
Source:  Review copy from author

I just love a spunky heroine so I was excited to keep reading about Lil, the demon hunter I got to know in Awakened (book one of The Guardian Legacy series).  Walters takes the story and world she built so well in Awakened and adds in an intense plot with lots of twists to make for a strong sequel.

One of my favorite things about this series is the character development.  Walters does a great job with her characters, making them seem very believable.  One thing I've noticed a lot in YA is that the minor characters are not well-developed, which was not the case here.  When a book has as many characters as this series does, it's good to know enough details about each one so that you can keep them straight.

Another thing I really liked about Betrayed was the chemistry between Lil and Bran.  Their relationship was so sweet and innocent, then it "grew up" through the hardships they faced together. 

I did have some issues with this book, however, which kept me from giving it more stars.  First, there were multiple grammatical errors, something that I have a hard time overlooking.  Secondly, the writing style was not one of my favorites.  The book felt a little long as well.

Overall, I enjoyed Betrayed and would read more from Ednah Walters.

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