Book Review: Generations: Wilder Times (Volume 1) by Lori Folkman

Ben Wilder never really dreamt about becoming a rockstar. It was more of a given—his throne to inherit. But the more he walks in his famous father’s footsteps, the more Ben sinks into the murky past that left his dad dead. Katrina Hayes never dreamt about becoming a rockstar either. However, she does spend plenty of time dreaming about one particular rockstar. But when she finally has the chance to meet Ben Wilder, it comes at a cost. The price? Sacrificing a friendship that’s been in place since birth. And that’s just the finder’s fee.
Release Date: April 8, 2011
Age Group: Young Adult
Publisher: Springhill Publishing
Source: Review copy from author

Generations: Wilder Times was a sweet story.  It was a nice take on your classic 'normal girl' meets teen star story.  I enjoyed the book, although I did have a few issues with it.

Katrina is a high school student whose hobby is dancing.  She is a member of a local ballroom dancing team and performs with her troupe.  She also has a huge crush/obsession with Ben Wilder, a mega-popular teen rock star.  Katrina has pictures of Ben posted all over her bedroom and fantasizes about one day meeting him.  Her best friend Jackson, a budding director, wins a contest to help participate in a music video.  Guess whose video it is?  Ben Wilder---and Jackson brings Katrina on set to meet her idol.  The story really gets going once Ben and Katrina meet.

I liked Katrina.  She was a sweet, unaffected girl who kept her head in situations that would have made most teen girls insensible.  I also liked Jackson, who had the best friend role down to a tee.  I did not really like Ben, however.  He was pretty self-centered and immature at times.

My first complaint about Generations: Wilder Times was that the book ended just when things were really getting interesting.  I did not realize that there would be a sequel until I finished the book, so the abruptness of the ending made some since once I realized there would be at least one follow-up book.  I think that book two will be even better because there are some good plot points left to develop.  My second complaint is that the dream sequences included at the beginning of some chapters were never explained.  We don't know whose dreams they were or why they were included.  Maybe we'll find out more in book two, but that felt like a lot to leave open.

Overall, I did enjoy this book and would read more from Lori Folkman in the future.  Fans of contemporary YA will really like this one!

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  1. Thank you for the review Kelli! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    Lori Folkman


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