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Today I am honored to welcome Shelley Workinger to I'd So Rather Be Reading.  Shelley is the author of the Solid series, a paranormal YA series that I just love.  Click on the book titles to read my reviews of Solid (book one) and Settling (book two).  I asked Shelley to tell us about her favorite books.  Please join me in welcoming Shelley Workinger!

 Top Ten Favorite Books 

When I sat down to write this post, I realized that composing a list of favorites is kind of like making a time capsule. 5 or 10 or 20 years from now when you look at it again, you’ll find some things that’ve changed and some that are still the same – that Red Sox ball cap may no longer fit, but you’re still fan; you’ve stopped dating that boy in the prom picture, but you still see him around town (or on Facebook) and he’s still sporting that awful haircut. The bottom line is: you stay you, but it’s fun to compare the yous of different points in time.

So here are my top 10 books at this moment. (I had a hard time classifying “favorite” – favorite mystery? adventure? – so I eventually went with 10 books I would happily pick up and reread right now, knowing that I probably wouldn’t move until I finished.) And, let me tell you, this list actually would’ve been different if I’d done it last week! I don’t think even time can push Peeta Mellark and Harry Potter off the pedestal I’ve put them on, but just this week I discovered a new series: the Resurrection of Magic series, which – to me – actually is “Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games.” Who knew?

I also realized when I looked over my list that I’d chosen both popular fiction and non-fiction, along with a good dose of YA, but no love stories. That really surprised me, because I love a great romance as much as the next girl. Maybe an irresistible dark horse will charge in sometime between now and the next time I do this; or maybe that future me will be looking for something different.


“The Book Thief” – Marcus Zusak
“The Gift of Fear” – Gavin de Becker
“A Time To Kill” – John Grisham
The Harry Potter series – J.K. Rowling
“Catching Fire” (Hunger Games #2) – Suzanne Collins
“The Great Train Robbery” – Michael Crichton
“Rock This!” – Chris Rock
“The Spellman Files” – Lisa Lutz
“Alive” – Piers Paul Read
“Skin Hunger” (Resurrection of Magic #1) – Kathleen Duey

I see some of my own personal favorites on this list, as well as some new authors to try.  Thank you again for visiting, Shelley!

Visit Shelley Workinger on the web:
But What Are They Eating? Blog (my personal favorite, this blog is about the food in books)  How cool!

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  1. That's a great list of books. I have added a few to my reading pile.



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