Book to Movie News: Hunger Games Castings Update

Meet the Cast!
I always get nervous when my favorite books are adapted to movies. What scares me the most is a.) the adaptation. I like the movies to stay pretty close to the book... although I wouldn't mind if the ending of Mockingjay was changed up... I want more details... such a rushed ending to an awesome trilogy, but I will leave that alone for now...  and b.) the cast. For the first time I am VERY excited about the cast! I will admit I had my doubts as they were announced but as the pictures keep rolling out of each character I get more and more excited.

I think I am most excited to see President Snow, Haymitch & Caesar Flickerman! I have really high expectations for this film.

Here is a new peek of Peeta & Gale from the cover of EW. If you have been following us for a while you are well aware that Kelli and I had BIG drama when it came to Peeta & Gale. It was the first & only time (to date) we have disagreed about our fictional men (click here to see how dirty it got, be sure to read the comments too). I thought I was officially torn between Team Peeta and Team Gale HOWEVER I have decided how I will handle this life altering dilemma... I am Team "Book" Peeta and Team "Movie" Gale... so all my original loyalties and statements still hold true (*cough, cough* directed to Kelli).
District Demographics
I LOVE when visuals are released for a book! I thought a lot about the demographics of Panem when I read HG's. If Panem were real Kell & I would be dead underwater. Poor 'ol Texas really took a hit in this world.
I will admit that I check for HG's movie updates just as faithfully as I do for Twilight :) If you have any news or gossip about the movie send us a tweet (@soratherread) or email and we will post your gossip! Remember you are always happier when you share :)


  1. someone told me collins was a screenwriter previously and is working on the adaptation, so my hopes remain high!! (picked my books up for a re-read last weekend after i saw some movie shots)

  2. I can not wait. And I LOVE the map you included. FAB. I hadn't seen that before.

  3. I knew you'd come around to Team Gale eventually. Welcome to the RIGHT team!!

  4. Love this! I started the bok you loaned me. I have already seen the movie, but I enjoy a good read anyway and I think this one will be! Can't wait for this movie!

  5. HOLY CROW! I'd be dead and underwater too! *cries*

    Very cool map. It's sad to see, but very interesting.

    I'm still not happy with the casting for Peeta. I know I need to get over it, but *sad face*


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