How Do You Balance Reading and Your Family?

We got a question from another blogger recently that made us stop and think.  We both recently had babies (Kelli's first and Natalie's third) and have had to adjust our lives and reading time accordingly.  What the other blogger wanted to know was how we find time to read and blog.  Here are our secrets:

I have a Nook and find it convenient to read at mealtimes and on breaks at work.  I also read while exercising at the gym (the few times a month I get to actually go to the gym)---an e-reader makes that possible, which I love!  It's the only way I can get through a workout now that I've gotten in the habit of reading while exercising. 

Reading and blogging while the baby naps is my other secret.  She takes long afternoon naps most days, leaving me some time for myself each day (after I finish my housework).  I try to read at night before I go to bed, but usually only manage to read a few pages before I pass out from sheer exhaustion. 

Reading on the weekends while hubby is home helping me out is my last secret.  An hour or two spent alone with a book is precious time for me now---nothing beats having a baby but I do sometimes miss being able to sit down and read whenever I wanted to!
Well, there is something magical that happens when you start having babies... your days are extended from 24 hours to 36 hours of endless reading and butterflies & sparkles can be seen in the sky... NOT... I know, I know I am a mean woman :) I am a mom all day or until Papa comes home (in which I start singing "I'm so glad when Papa comes home, glad as I can be..." you get the picture). Time is a very precious thing and I don't give it away too freely.

First off, I read for PURE pleasure. If a story doesn't catch my interest in ~20 pages I move on.  As I am working on this post I have newbie #3 on my lap, #2 taking a nap and #1 getting dressed for karate practice. So, the question still remains "How the heck do you read so much?"

The best advice that I can give to any mom who wants to continue reading with babies wrapped around her ankles is to get an audiobook FAST! You can do anything and everything with an audiobook. I have lots of comical stories about my audiobook adventures with kids in tow (which Kelli happens think are hilarious) :) Yes, I will admit that as my children think I am basking with joy as they play on the swing set I am in fact grinning about whatever story is playing in my ears. We have frequent 4-wheeler rides down trails, piano/soccer/karate practices, and long road trips that all include an audiobook. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! 

Lately, my routine has included a late night read. My newbie #3 still eats about every two hours so why waste time, right?!... depending on how invested I am in a story will determine how much sleep I am willing to sacrifice. 

My philosophy is if I keep the 3 F's (family, faith & fun) there will always be time for my book affairs!

We want to hear from you now!  Knowing that all of you have busy lives and/or families of your own to take care of, when do you find the time for reading and blogging?


  1. Fabulous post, ladies. My reading time has taken a hit as I got a second part time job. During the week, I only get 1 day off unless there is a holiday or if I'm sick. So I basically read when I'm at lunch, a few hours before bed, and I totally second Natalie's idea of an audiobook. When I have do file paperwork or organizing, I pop in an audiobook to keep me moving.

  2. Ooo Nat I'm loving the audio idea too!

  3. Thanks for this post! I sure hope that I'm able to read as much as you do when I have kids. I like the audio book idea. I hope that I can teach my kids about quiet time too...although I imagine that's easier said than done.

  4. What a great question! And one I'll soon have to consider once the baby comes.

    Kelli - my husband hates it when I read at the kitchen table. LOL He doesn't even like me checking Twitter. But I love reading something while I'm eating. Otherwise I'm bored.

    Natalie - I really wish I could do audiobooks but I just can't. My attention span doesn't allow it. Which is a shame b/c imagine how many books I could listen to while doing housework!!

  5. Finding time to read with a family is an inventive process! Like Kelli I have an ereader, read durning naps, but I also read in pick up lines and sometimes even at a red light.

  6. BookVixen: Congrats to you too :) I've taken Natalie's advice and started trying audios. So far I'm doing pretty good.

    Natalie: I linked to this today :)


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