Book Review: That Day in September by Artie Van Why

We all have our stories to tell of where we were the morning of September 11, 2001. This is one of them. In "That Day In September" Artie Van Why gives an eyewitness account of that fateful morning. From the moment he heard "a loud boom" in his office across from the World Trade Center, to stepping out onto the street, Artie vividly transports the reader back to the day that changed our lives and our country forever. "That Day In September" takes you beyond the events of that morning. By sharing his thoughts, fears, and hopes, Artie expresses what it was like to be in New York City in the weeks and months following. The reader comes away from "That Day In September" with not only a more intimate understanding of the events of that day, but also with a personal glimpse of how one person's life was dramatically changed forever.

Release Date: June 23, 2006
Pages: 108
Source:  Review copy from author

This was such a good book.  It was powerful, touching, and moving.  I read the first page just to make sure the document was formatted properly for my Nook, and found myself unable to put the book down.  I have not read any books about 9/11 until now, and I'm glad that I started with this one.  

That Day in September is a personal account of 9/11.  It doesn't give technical details on any of the events or aftermath of that day.  Artie Van Why doesn't talk about the politics of it all.  Instead, he talks about how the attacks and his experience being at Ground Zero affected him and those around him.  Each chapter moves from present day (starting with 9/11 and the weeks after) to a flashback of how Artie came to live in New York and how he came to work across from the World Trade Center.  I enjoyed the flashbacks just as much as the present day account, because I think caring about a someone personally makes you more apt to care about what they have to say.

Van Why writes simply, but with great feeling.  I loved how he described how he processed his emotions in the days and weeks following 9/11.  I am always so happy to hear or read about someone dealing with their feelings in positive ways, so I really enjoyed that aspect of the book.

I've never been to New York, but reading Van Why's description of the community he lived in gave me a new perspective on the city.  The way people came together as a community in the aftermath of 9/11 is one of the things that makes me feel good about our country.

I believe that as Americans, we can never forget 9/11.  We have to honor the fallen by living our lives  to the fullest each and every day.  I would recommend That Day in September to everyone.


  1. Even after being 10 years ago, I still can't stomach the events and there's no way I could handle reading about it. I can still see those horrific pictures in my head. Glad you enjoyed the book!

  2. What an excellent review- this sounds like a fantastic book. With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up- this would be a good time to read it, too.


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