Got Family?

My mom is one of the most avid readers (besides Kelli) that I have ever known. I know I can ask her just about any bookish question and she will have something to say... except the topics of vampires, werewolves, etc. she calls those books my "bubble gum books". Her classroom is filled with books for her 6th grade students and the theme of her room is Pirates and Books (she is a lover of skulls and the schools mascot is pirates so she lucked out and got to decorate with her two favorite items skulls and books). 

I was trying to decide what to get her for her classroom this year and was drawing a blank... until it hit me! Our family was in need of an updated family photo but we do not all live near each other. So, I thought the next best thing would be an up-to-date family tree. I cornered my awesome niece who is handy with photoshop and this is the family tree that we came up with that best represents my mom and her family.
My mom is The Help at the bottom and I am the Giver (even though you won't believe that I didn't choose Vampire Academy).
So what would your family "book" tree look like? 


  1. OMG what a fun fun fun idea. We don't have many readers in my family but I would still get a kick out of trying to find a book that really captures a person. Great thought!

  2. Love the tree! What a fantastic idea. I imagine it must've taken a really long time choosing the right book for the right person. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. What a fantastic idea! I wish I had the creativity to make something like that & I'm now going to have to quiz my family to see what books they would all choose. I have to admit that most of my family don't read anywhere near as much as I do but I'd love to see what the results would be. I'm not sure I'd be able to narrow it down to just 1 book for me though lol

  4. Aww... that is a really cute idea! Now it makes me curious as to what books the rest of my family would pick.


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