Smells Like Fiction

Do certain smells remind you of specific stories or characters? If not I am the only weird one (and that wouldn't be the first time I have found myself in this position). These are some of our smelly reminders.

When I smell a sweaty kid I think of werewolves. Specifically Jacob Black from Twilight and I think to myself "Wow who would want a guy who put off a scent like this"

When I smell dusty books I think of Hugh Grant in Sense and Sensibility when his sister talks about not liking the smell of books and he agrees that it is the dust.

When I smell grass I think of Edward Cullen in the meadow.

When I smell ice I think of Dimitri in the snow behind the gas station in Montana, making snow angels with Rose.

When I smell something burning I think of shadowhunters and runes.

When I smell the trash truck passing by I think of Yuki and her smell impressions in She Smells the Dead.

So, do you ever smell fiction?


  1. First, I have to politely disagree with you for picking on my fictional man Jacob. I imagine he smells earthy, like grass and pine since he's always outside.

    Edward on the other hand reminds me of ice. Cold and scentless.


    That being said, this is an awesome question. I can't say I actively am reminded of books by scent but I love the idea.

    Great topic.

  2. You know how when you have a cold and things smell differently? That often allows me to recall specific books and moments from them that I read years and years ago.


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