Goosbumps Tour Dates! And Other Fun Stuff

It's October and I'm in full Spook Mode! Pumpkins and gouls are everywhere and our family party is fast approaching. And you can expect lots of Halloween themed posts! And to start off the month right but nothing better than one of my creepy favorites... GOOSEBUMPS! 

Yes, RL Stine has begun a
GOOSEBUMPS TOUR and it sounds like it is going to have really fun activities. I loved reading the Goosebumps books when I was younger and my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movies. One of our many Octoberfest traditions is to watch a different RL Stine movie every night (and they stay really quiet... fear can sometimes be a fabulous ending to a long day).

Click here for tour dates/places and here for the Goosebumps official blog, sponsored by Scholastic. Leave a comment/question for RL Stine on their blog and your question might be chosen for his Q/A sposored by Scholastics Stacks Blast Sweepstakes.

FYI: It was announced sometime in May that RL Stine was beginning a new book series Hall of Horrors, so spread the word to all the tweens you know (and nerd mom's like myself :).

Happy Haunting!

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