Book Review: 31 Dates in 31 Days by Tamara Duricka Johnson

On the eve of her 31st birthday, after yet another painful breakup, Tamara Duricka Johnson decides it’s time to overhaul her dating habits. When a friend jokingly suggests that she embark on a “dating project,” inspiration strikes: in honor of turning 31, she'll go on 31 dates in 31 days — and resist the urge to turn each date into her next relationship. Instead, she’ll have to wait until the 31st date to pick one of the 30 men to go out with a second time. With each date, Johnson learns something about herself. Some experiences are awful, but others are amazing — and all of them help change her attitude about not just dating but people in general. In the end, though, she realizes there’s only one man of the entire 30 that she can see herself marrying — and one year later, she does. Chatty, fun, and confessional,31 Dates in 31 Daysis an entertaining journey that offers astute insights into the modern dating scene.

Release Date:  September 27, 2011
Age Group: Adult
Publisher: Seal Press
Source: Review copy from publisher
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I am a tough sell with nonfiction.  I tend to have a very short attention span when it comes to nonfiction.  I should have considered this issue of mine when I agreed to review 31 Dates in 31 Days, but I thought that the premise sounded so interesting that I would be able to overcome my nonfiction qualms.

And, in large part, I did enjoy 31 Dates in 31 Days.  I really admired Tamara for undergoing the challenge to date a new guy every day for a month.  I would never have that kind of nerve!  I always found dating to be so difficult, and am so glad to be happily married.

Admiration for the author aside, I did have one problem with the book.  The book is set up with each chapter describing one of the 31 dates.  The date is described, followed by some introspection as to what Tamara has learned from the experience.  That was great for the first few dates, but the "lessons learned" parts started to feel repetitive.  And heavily written.  It kept the book from feeling light and fun for me.  I appreciated Tamara's growth and experience, but I was looking for a light-hearted read.  I enjoyed reading about the dates, and the guys, and guessing as to who would be date 31.  I could have done without the deep thinking at the end of each chapter.

With that said, I would still recommend 31 Dates in 31 Days.  Just be aware that it is not a "fluffy" read.  It makes you think and reflect on your own personal choices---which is great, it was just not what I was expecting.  If I were a single girl, I probably would have liked this book even more than I did.  But, being a happily married new mom, it probably wasn't the most appropriate choice for my current situation.


  1. See now if it was fun and light I might have digged it. Thanks for the warning and honest review.

  2. I always love these honest reviews! thanks!

    here's my review of catching jordan! stop by?!


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