Breaking Dawn or BUST!

Source: LettersToTwilight
Shirts are made, Teams have been chosen (of course we know who wins, Edward baby!) and parties are in the making... Breaking Dawn Part 1 is finally here! And theaters all around the world are filled with TwiHards anxiously awaiting the midnight release. 

And you guessed it... Kelli and I are right in the mix of all this hysteria, just not at the midnight release. I have been planning my Breaking Dawn party for weeks and my husband can't wait for all "this Twilight crap" to end... NEVER, I say. I have planned a Breaking Dawn Bunko party for tomorrow night with a load of my girlfriends... lots of pictures to come...

So what we want to know is WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS and did you RE-READ Breaking Dawn in preparation for the movie?


  1. I saw this last night! Great! I didn't reread the book because I get too judgemental about the differeneces. Now- I plan to reread all of them, so I will have enough time before the second part. :)


  2. I saw the movie about a week after it came out. Went all by myself since the hubs had to stay home and baby sit the herd. Someone actually brought their baby with them to the movie - can you believe that???

    I don't think I could re-read BD. Ever. It was my least favorite book in the series. Well, maybe I could re-read the first half but not the second half.


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