Book Review: Crux (Southern Arcana #1) by Moira Rogers

Jackson Holt makes a decent living as a private investigator in New Orleans, home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States. He and his partners have never met a case they couldn't crack...until a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hire.

New Orleans is the fourth destination in as many months for Mackenzie Brooks, a woman on the run from a deranged stalker. After all, any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has more than a few screws loose. But crazy doesn't explain why he always finds her no matter how far she runs.

When her well-meaning boss puts a PI on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.

With time running out, she has no choice but to trust Jackson as he struggles to uncover the truth of her past-and her destiny. 

Release Date: March 3, 2009
Age Group: Adult
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Source: Won from The Book Vixen

I've had this book waiting for me for what feels like forever.  It's probably been about a year since I won it from one of The Book Vixen's giveaways.  For some reason, I did not realize that the book was about magic.  Or shifters.  I have never really liked books featuring shifters and no other paranormal beings, but the inclusion of magic saved the book for me.

I liked Mackenzie and felt for her.  She is terrified---on the run from a crazy stalker---and can't seem to stay more than one step ahead of him.  She ends up in New Orleans and starts working as a bartender. Her new boss, Nicole, senses that something is going on with Mackenzie and has her friend Jackson, a private investigator who is also a spellcaster, follow Mackenzie home to make sure she is safe.  There is an instant attraction between Jackson and Mackenzie, and he is finally someone she can trust to help her.

I liked the story and the writing style.  I enjoyed the book as a whole, but I did have a few problems.  The first is Nicole's nickname---Nick.  Every time I read "Nick" I immediately had to tell myself I was reading about a woman and not a man.  It was hard for me to remember that Nick was a woman.  That is a petty thing to not like, I know, but it took a lot of the enjoyment out of the book for me.  I just could not keep it straight in my head that Nick was short for Nicole.  Another problem was the romance between Jackson and Mackenzie.  I liked the development of their relationship but I thought the bedroom scenes were too heavy.  It felt a little vulgar and out of place with the story.  The last problem I had was the ending.  It felt anti-climatic for me, after so much build-up.

Overall, I enjoyed the book but probably would not seek out the next book in the series.  If book two comes across my path, great, but I won't be buying it.

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  1. I kept thinking Nick was a guy too! Nic is the usual nickname for Nicole.


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