New Pinterest Board: Hunger Games Fever!

It is getting closer... can you feel the Arena?! You know I never turn down the opportunity for a good party, especially a Book Based Bash! I have started a Hunger Games Fever! board on Pinterest and want to invite all ideas. I have opened the board and would love contributors! If you find something awesome related to The Hunger Games... SHARE. 

What to Do: Join the big P (almost the entire planet has joined the community), next follow us, then leave a comment to this post if you would like to be added to the board!


  1. Oh how fun! I haven't joined yet :(
    Great idea!

  2. Pinterest and Hunger Games, my two huge obsessions lol *followed*

  3. Hunger Games!
    I'm so excited and can't wait for the movie to come out! :D

    Hey I love your blog! And the design! XD
    So I'm awarding you with the "One Lovely Blog" award!
    Check my post here for more information!

  4. I like the new look.

  5. Pinterest is my addiction...not gonna lie ;)

    Plus, add in THG, and I'm totally sold!

    Hope you girls are well!

  6. I very much need to read this series. It looks so good. :)

    I was tagged in a question event and in turn have decided to tag you too. If you don't participate or don't want to, no worries, I won't take it to heart. ;-) I know we are all busy with reading and blogging as it is. I just thought it was a fun different thing to do on my blog, so when I was tagged I decided...why not. LOL!

    "rules" are in my post:


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