Book to Movie Review: Breaking Dawn: Part 1

I saw Breaking Dawn: Part 1 at the theater but never got down to writing a review for it.  After finally receiving my Blu-Ray version from Amazon (I'm not going to forget my disappointment when they didn't pre-ship for a LONG time), I decided a review was overdue.  

I have loved all of the Twilight movies, despite the criticism they have received.  I think that Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was the best one so far, although there is a special place in my heart for the first movie.  Seeing the characters I loved so much come to life for the first time was so special.  I'll never forget how I felt the first time I saw Rob Pattinson as Edward!

I thought that this movie could have felt slow, but the director managed to keep it exciting and full of action (even though some of that action was not found in the original story, grrr).  I was so happy that there was not part of the movie narrated from Jacob's perspective, like there is in the book.  I think it would have really slowed the movie down and changed the tone of it completely. 

My favorite part of the movie was the wedding: Bella and Edward have been heading towards that wedding since Edward walked into the cafeteria in Twilight.  Didn't Bella look so beautiful?  Although I did enjoy the honeymoon too...   

I loved the special effects, especially the way Bella looked while pregnant.  She was scary!  And I loved the way they handled her transformation.  She looked like Snow White: so beautiful!  But one question---has Kristen Stewart always been this tiny?  She is so, so small.  I could not believe how thin she looked in her wedding dress and in her swimsuit on the honeymoon. 

Overall, I loved Breaking Dawn: Part 1.  I can't wait for part two---just the flash-forwards we got of Renesmee were tantalizing and I want to see more of her, and Bella as a vampire!


  1. I can't wait to see this. It came out when I was pregnant and someone warned me about the bloody birth scene so I bypassed it with the intention of seeing it after I had the baby. I gotta rent it one of these days. Thanks for the review.

  2. I think this was one of the best ones too!! Though my favorite part was when Jacob imprinted on Reneseme. I never thought that that moment would ever be a fav, but it was the look in his eyes when he saw her. I mean, 2 seconds prior he was ready to off her.

    Gah! I was so ready for part 2 right then and there!

  3. I saw this in the theater and got it on DVD. Loved it, it's probably the best movie out of the bunch so far. I also thought they did a great job of making Bella look so ill. I love how they ended the movie. Can't wait for part II. Is it November yet?


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