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Angie at Angels are Kids and Furkids tagged me to answer a set of questions.  I usually don't take the time for these kinds of posts, but I liked the questions so here you go:

Do you have a favorite book?  If so which one?
Ken Follett's World Without End. Read my review here.

Where do you think your love of reading stems from?  Or how did you come to love reading?
I have always loved reading, from the first day I learned how to read.  It has always been my favorite activity: I used to ask friends over to "read" instead of play!

When you have "down time" what do you enjoy doing most?
Besides reading, watching TV.  I follow several series.

Would you ever own a black vehicle?  Why or why not?  (lol, sorry this just popped into my head here)
I currently own an Acura MDX, which I love, but my next car will not be black: it's too hard to keep clean!

What is your favorite animal?  Why?
My favorite animal is my cat, Bella (whom I named before the Twilight craze, by the way).  She is a Russian Blue and has the most beautiful silvery-gray fur and green eyes.  She is so loyal and loving.  She loves to sit in my lap while I read.

Do you have an author whose work you read no matter what?  (even if it is a book that doesn't look good to you?)
Yes, I have several: Richelle Mead, Stephenie Meyer, Ken Follett, Cassandra Clare, and Melissa Marr.  Also Charlaine Harris, Karen Moning and Kim Harrison.

If you could be a super hero, which one would you chose to be?
Probably one who could fly.  So I guess that would be Superman?  I wouldn't want to change genders, so maybe I could be Superwoman?

If you could have any house you wanted, money is no object, what kind would you build or buy?
Oh geez, don't get me started.  I think about this all the time!  One with a proper mudroom comes to mind, and an exercise room and library.  No carpet, and lots of  hardwood floors (provided someone else will be cleaning them!).

What state have you always wanted to visit?  Have you been there yet?
Hawaii and not yet, but I hope that my husband will take me one day.

What's your favorite movie?
That's easy.  The 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. I watch it about once a month: I just can't get enough of Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy.

What is your "ritual" when you settle in to read?
Get my water, call my cat to come get in my lap, put my feet up and dive in! 

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  1. That was great! I'm so with you on wanting a mud room and Mrs. Meyer.


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