Stephenie Meyer Update

So, after 10 months of inactivity, Stephenie Meyer has finally updated her personal website.  I regularly check her site for all things Twilight and thought, after going so long with no posts or any news at all, that the site was dead in the water.  I was happy to see her finally posting again and eagerly read her posts on The Host movie, Austenland, and Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and Breaking Dawn: Part 2.  

Read her latest posts here:
The Host News  (The Host has an official release date of March 29, 2013!!)
Austenland News
Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 news

In other exciting news, Stephenie Meyer confirms that if she ever does write another Twlight book, both Lionsgate and Summit are willing to make a sixth Twilight movie!  Don't you think a book from Renesmee's point-of-view would be great?


  1. I would like to see SM carry on the series with a book from Jacob's POV, his relationship with Renesme. But I don't want any empty promises from her. No more teasing, like with Midnight Sun. I am still holding a grudge for that one.

  2. I've always wanted to see all the Twilight books but from Edwards point of view so we can see all the struggle and restraint he went through that Bella didnt see.

  3. Hummm good question...
    Maybe a grown up version of her with Jacob.
    I do love my Jacob.

  4. What a great picture of her and Shannon on the set of Austenland.

    I can not wait for The Host. My favorite of all her books.

    Thanks for the update/links.

  5. No, no...we need a book from Leah's point of view!!!!!
    Thanks for letting us know about the update, for I too thought that sight was dead in the water!

  6. I can't wait for you (Kelli) to see the trailer for the host... it is one of the trailers before The Hunger Games Movie!

  7. I cannot wait for the Host movie- I love that book. But 2013 is still such a long way off :(


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