Book to Movie News: The Host Trailer Debut

Sometimes I like the previews of other movies more than the one I am there to see. The previews before The Hunger Games were awesome...

The Host 

This is one of Kelli's favorite books and when she heard there was a trailer and a release date I heard "ooohhhhh" over the phone and I know she hurried to watch it after we hung up (yes we call and discuss our book family on a daily basis... who needs a book club, we LIVE IT!)

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Finally, Bella is a vampire and boy is she all gussied up! It is about time too.

Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter

I am still on the fence about this one. I need to read the book and see if it is something to get my tail all bushy about before I get all excited plus I need to know the movie rating (I don't watch rated "R" movies and if it is "R" then I won't even bother with the book).


  1. I'm still on the fence about Abe too.

    Can you believe I still haven't seen BD1? It came out when I was preggers and I still haven't watched it. I need to.

    I can not wait for The Host. Seriously one of my favorite books of all time.

  2. Abe Lincoln and vampires? It must have been some whacked out dream that mashed those two things together for the author.

    I'm excited for The Host also! Maybe it means she'll write another one for that series too.

  3. I'm far from being a Stephenie Meyer fan, but I honestly think the Host might be a good movie... I'll have to read the book now and see for myself. Maybe since it's not sparkly vampires I'll be able to enjoy it. xD

    Also the Abe Lincoln one looks interesting, though I'm surprised that of all the novels with this sort of theme to them that they went with Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Then again I guess Pride and Prejudice has been done so many times.


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