Happy Mother's Day!

We want to wish all of our fellow moms a very happy Mother's Day!  

Do you have a Mother's Day tradition?  Last year, my baby was only 6 weeks old on Mother's Day so we had a quiet day at home.  This year, we'll be spending time with our extended family.  And I'm also saving City of Lost Souls to read during the precious nap-time hours!  Natalie gets her favorite breakfast and lots of family time on Mother's Day.  

Do you have any special plans for the day?  



  1. Happy Mother's Day ladies!! We usually go to my in-laws and spend the day there. My mom lives out of state now so we don't get to see her. So we call her :)

    1. Our family skype with the out-of-town family and that makes such a difference!

  2. This is my first, but my husband brought me flowers and made me breakfast. I hope that becomes a tradition.

    Happy Mother's Day sweetie! :D


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