Reading/Real-Life Crossover

Does your reading life ever cross over into your real life? Mine does, all the time. Below is a recounting of a conversation between me and my husband, Toby.

Toby: Thank you for making spaghetti tonight.

Kelli: That's just one of the many benefits of me being a stay at home mom. (This is a comment made quite often since I left my job at the end of January).
Toby: Well, I appreciate it. It's a perk of having a wife who is a SAHM.
Kelli: Actually, I would prefer to be called the Housemaster. Housemaster Kelli. Because the Housemaster is in charge of all things in the household and makes all the important decisions. Everyone does what the Housemaster says to do. Everyone respects the Housemaster.

Toby: Is this from one of your books?
Kelli: NO...

Toby: Yes it is. I know it is. You and these weird books! Which one was this Housemaster business (edited due to language) from?

Kelli: Wither.
Toby: Why is it that all of your books seem to have the same titles?

Kelli: I don't know. I'll ask the Housemaster and get back to you.

And that's just one of many examples of book-related conversations my husband and I have!  What about you?  Do you talk about your books with your families?


  1. Ha! LOL
    Your husband sounds funny and saucy.

    I talk books with my hubby all the time.

    In my case I tend to take on the language style or words being used in my current audios.

    For example I'm listening to a story from the 60s and totally used the word narc.

    My husband said this, "Ha! Mommy used the word narc. Must be her book."

    1. The other day I was speaking all formal after having listened to Night Circus.

      Husband: "My aren't we formal this morning?"

  2. We talk books too, I LOVE it!... Things like, "You are being such a Jacob" or "Can you start reading Western books like Dimitri?"

  3. Haha, I throw in words and phrases into convos and my DH never picks up on it!


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