Book to Movie/TV Review: True Blood Season Four

Toby and I just finished watching True Blood Season Four on Netflix.  We have to watch it with subtitles with the volume turned way down, after Kaitlyn goes to bed.  I've loved the series as a whole, but I this season really stood out for me.  Maybe it was because it's been a while since I've watched a Netflix series I just love, but I was in love with this season.

There are a lot of reasons why I liked this season: Jason and Jessica, Jesus and Layfette, Sam and Luna, but my topmost reason is that Season Four is based on the events of book four in Harris' series, and that has always been my favorite book.  Getting to see the softer side of Eric just melts me...and the TV adaptation was just as good as I had hoped it would be.  Even better was the fact that when Eric's memory does come back, he remembers his time with Sookie, unlike in the books, when does not know what transpired between them.

I don't remember if Sookie ends it with both Bill and Eric in the books like she does in this season.  That part of the finale was emotional...I would have liked to see her stay with Eric but I respected her decision to go her own way for a while.

Did you catch the part where she's sitting at her kitchen table, talking with Tara, saying how some day she'd like to grow old and sit on her front porch, with her grandbabies in her lap?  That, to me, is just more foreshadowing that Sookie is going to end up with Sam. He, or another human, unlike Bill or Eric, can give her children, which she seems to desperately want.   

The ending, was as usual, a cliffhanger.  I immediately got online and read the summary of Episode 1 in Season Five.  I simply had to know if a certain character lives or dies!  Shhh, don't tell Toby I did it!  He does not know about my cheating ways...   

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  1. I so want to get into this series and the books. I've watched a few epis and loved them, but I live with elderly parents that would freak out if they saw the show..and I just can't watch tv on my comptuer :(


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