It's Time to Talk... Trampire Edition

Well, well, well, What do we have here my dear Snow White? I'll tell you what we have here, a dirty little cheater! Yes, the supposedly awkward, PRIVATE Kristen Stewart has made a big fool of herself and was caught cheating on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson with a MARRIED man!

Now listen, normally I could care less what these Hollywood celebs do in their personal lives because letss face it... they have a really hard time finding lasting happiness. But I must admit I was really surprised and shocked when this little scandals' pictures were plastered all over the news, magazine stands and probably even on the moon. 

Now, here is why I am so bugged... I could care less about the whole Bella and Edward Twihard crapola but the YouTube videos are hilarious! I am so bothered by the fact that this public affair was with a married man/father! Both are guilty as charged!!! I hate hearing the justifications for adultery on both sides. He (Rupert) is just a creep, low-life for cheating on his wife. But here is what is the buggy'est of all... "She is only 22 years old and people make mistakes"... yes, we all make mistakes. With mistakes come consequences and this particular mistake comes with heavy criticism! 

Listen, when I was 22 years old I had been married for two years and was pregnant with my first child. I can't think of a single, descent excuse for acting like a "trampire" other than maybe she wasn't taught to value herself and to have integrity. I hate seeing crap like this on TV because it sends such mixed signals to teenagers and young adults. 

Everyone is entitled to make their own judgements and values... and here are mine...
  • There is never a good reason for infidelity/adultery. You're in "it" to win it, so make it work.
  • YOU are worth the world and don't let the world make you forget it.

You can't be Right by Doing Wrong
You can't be Wrong by Doing Right 
Thomas S. Monson

*the linked YouTube video is racy with lots of references to $ex*


  1. Cheating is never okay and 22 year olds know that as well as I do. But society and the media are being much harsher on Kristen than they would if she was a guy - I think. Because guys are "weak" and practically can't help cheating. Obviously this is an overstatement but not totally off. There's already talk that Kristen is being removed from the snow white sequel while Sanders (who is even guiltier because he is actually married) is still attached. How is that fair? Look at Brad Pitt who has been rewarded for cheating on his wife Jennifer with Angelina but was effectively rewarded for it both with public adulation and in better movies. So while I've lost respect for Kristen I don't think she deserves to have her career destroyed since you know a man's wouldn't be.

    1. I do agree with you, Alison. As the more responsible adult in the pair, Sanders should have known and done better. And have you seen his wife? She is stunning! What in the world was he thinking? I also hope her career is not destroyed, however, I don't think she was the world's best actress to start with. Part of me wonders if all of this was just for publicity to shake things up for the release of BD2.

    2. I wondered that too. My guess is no since it's generating such anger amongst the most loyal fan base. But I could see it bring curious people to the theater. Although its still a but far out in time. Plus it has such negative consequences for Kristen and potentially Sanders. I wouldn't totally rule it out though.

  2. I feel ya.
    She is wrong.
    And that is how she should be portrayed.
    But I also cut her some slack because she is 22 and was probably not raised with the strong moral convictions you were.
    One day when she is a married women, she will truly understand the error of her ways.
    The real dirt bag is that man.
    He has a responsibility to his family and he broke his marriage vows.
    Thanks for opening a juicy topic.

    1. This, exactly this, Juju. You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how I feel!

    2. I totally agree Juju. I would have written about how much of dirt bag I think he is but I just put my take on KStew since she is half the "center" of the Twilight world. Plus I had to keep my thoughts PG rated and they would have been NC-17 for that dirty man, Sanders.

  3. Side note: I think the only reason the media has it splashed everywhere is due to the popularity of her and Rob together.

    It's like the end of Brangelina.

  4. I do have to agree with Alison, I think that it is old news that women in the media are not allowed to make mistakes. That said, she knew better. At what point during this affair did she think "no, no, it's okay I can get away with this." But, as you said, adultery is NEVER right, and I don't think the fact that she is a celebrity makes this situation any worse, as was stated above, I don't see this man getting nearly as much hate.
    Thanks for the great topic!


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