Weekly Wrap Up 9.9.12

It was a somewhat slow reading week for me.  I started and dropped two books for review (I hate it when I do that, but I feel like it's better to give authors a chance) but ended up reading two great Emily Giffin novels.  I love her writing!  I've read all of her full-length novels now except for Where We Belong, which is next on my list.

Books I Read This Week:
Baby Proof by Emily Giffin.  See my mini-review on Goodreads
The Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin.  

How was your week?


  1. Great mini! :)
    Did you hear about her scandal?

  2. Whoa, thank you, Juju! I did not know. I will probably still read the book but I won't be buying it, that's for sure. I won't support an author who does that kind of thing!


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