Book Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of the 3rd book of the SOLID series, Shelley Workinger has put together a giveaway game! 

EVERY ENTRANT who COMPLETES the task will win ebooks of BOTH “Solid” (Solid #1) AND “Settling” (Solid #2). 

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will win SIGNED COPIES of ALL 3 BOOKS, including “Sound” (Solid #3) just as it hits the shelves on Nov. 1st! 

The rules are simple: 

1. Visit each blog on the list 
2. Leave a quick comment to show you were there 
3. Copy the image fragment and paste it into a Word .doc 

There are 18 stops to visit, comment on, and collect pieces from; once you’ve hit all 18 stops and assembled* all of the pieces to complete the image, email your entry to the author at: 

4. Visit the author’s blog: But What Are They Eating? and leave a comment letting her know you’ve sent in your completed entry. 

ALL 4 STEPS are important because she will choose the Grand Prize Winner from her blog comments (using and then check her email to verify the entry. 

*Don’t worry; the pieces are in order, so if you follow the list, it’ll be easy. :) 

The Game runs from Oct. 25th through Oct. 31st; last day to enter is Oct. 31st and winner will be chosen Nov. 1st. 

Good luck and get gathering! 

Here’s my piece: 

 And the rest of the stops: 



Word verification stinks--- but spammers are worse. Thank you for your patience!