Book Review: The Enchanted Truth by Kym Petrie

In this humorous and insightful tale, a modern day princess finds herself single and asking for magical intervention to change her sorry love life. Rather than casting a spell to bring Prince Charming to her rescue, a savvy fairy godmother gives the tenderhearted damsel an unexpected gift. By entrusting her true thoughts and desires to an unlikely confidant, the young royal soon discovers that the person who could make her life everything she dreamed it would be has been with her all along.

As author Kym Petrie herself realized, every woman needs a froggy friend and a secret journal—and enough adventures with the girls to keep her heart pounding and her mind racing. Life is meant to be about happy beginnings . . . you can never have enough of them.

Release Date: September 18, 2012
Age Group: YA
Source: NetGalley

This was a cute little story!  And by little, I mean it's 40 pages and took me about half an hour to read it.  It's light and fun, and just what I needed after reading a long and emotionally heavy book.  The Enchanted Truth was sort of a reading palate cleanser for me.

The Enchanted Truth takes the premise of the princess seeking love and puts a new twist on it.  Instead of Prince Charming coming to save the day and 'complete' the princess, she learns self-fulfillment.  She makes a list of the qualities she desires in a future mate, and then begins to exhibit some of those qualities herself, simply by taking the focus off of finding true love.

I would recommend this book to ages middle grade and up.  It would be a great story to read with your teenage and tween daughters.  I enjoyed it, and I'm glad I read it.  It left me smiling, even though it did feel young and was a little shorter than I would have preferred.


  1. I'm loving the premise. Great review.

  2. I must say I've grown out of princess stories a long time ago. I can't even tell you which of the books I read that had princess featured in it. But since this book is only 40 pages, I think I'll give it a try. :)


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