Book Review: To Be Honest by P.J. Young

Fifteen year old Lisi Reynolds likes to fib. Just little ones. What’s wrong with that? Everyone lies, don’t they?

With best friend Josh’s traumatic love life, a shopping-addicted mother and Chad Swanning oblivious to her existence, how else is Lisi supposed to survive, if not with a little truth-stretching?

But when a rare mammatus cloud over the Globe puts Lisi in her delectable English teacher Miss Mint’s shoes, living the ultimate lie proves irresistible.

There’s just one catch: Miss Mint wants her life back.

And she won’t get it until Lisi starts telling the truth.

But with a cool house, hunky fiancé and the chance to confront bully Alicia and win Chad's heart, why would Lisi give it all up, to be honest?

Release Date:  September 11, 2012
Age Group: YA
Source: Review copy from author

This was such a cute story!  To Be Honest was a fun, fast read.  It's set in London, which added to the enjoyment for me.  The book is narrated in Lisi's point of view, and contains a lot of British slang---which I found so endearing.  Really, for me (a Texan) to read about high-school students in London saying "jolly good" was a fun diversion from my usual reads.

From the summary, I thought To Be Honest was going to be about telling the truth, and it was, but the neat part was that it was sort of a Freaky Friday experience: Lisi and her English teacher Miss Mint actually switch identities during a storm.  I always loved that movie where the daughter ends up in her mom's body and vice versa (what was it called again?) and so to read a book with the same type of situation was really enjoyable and took me back to my teenage years.

But there was a lot more to To Be Honest than I initially expected.  The book covers eating disorders, with a great treatment of this sensitive issue.  The love stories were sweet and really well-done.  I loved the character growth and how all of the characters start living more open and truthful lives by the end of the story.

I really enjoyed To Be Honest.  I'd recommend it to fans of contemporary YA.  I would definitely read more from P.J. Young!  

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